Final Module Exam M5

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  • Module Structure

    Module 5 Teaching in Sport consists of three courses: the lecture "Teaching in Sport", the accompanying seminar "Teaching in Sport" and the lecture series "Inclusion in Sport".

    The lecture and the seminar "Teaching in Sport" are closely linked and build on each other. These two events form the content core of the MAP. The lecture series, on the other hand, stands thematically on its own and is not part of the MAP.

    We therefore recommend that the lecture and the accompanying seminar "Teaching in Sport" are taken in the same semester and that the MAP is not written until both courses have been studied.


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  • Structure of the module examination

    The module examination is basically a 60-minute written exam and relates to the content of the topics of the lecture and the accompanying seminar "Teaching in Sport".
    Three different types of questions are used in the written exam:

    1. Single-choice questions,
    2. Open questions in which facts are to be named and/or explained,
    3. Questions on a lesson plan - the didactic classification and evaluation of the lesson plan is required.

    The exam is considered passed if 50% of the total number of points is achieved.

  • Deadlines and dates

    Deadlines and dates can be found on the central page of the IfS/Examination Office I/in HIS:

    Deadlines and dates

    The registration runs centrally via Qispos.