to the Department of Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Muenster. We study human behavior and cognition in sports (causes, conditions, objectives) and try to predict and influence the behavior of athletes. On the following pages, you will find information on our current research projects, courses, examinations, our team and links. Further, you can find information on sport psychological support and counseling. If you are interested in an internship, please send an email to Dr. Vera Storm.

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Prof. Bernd Strauss
Head of the Department

New project about eSports

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© Unigesellschaft Münster

The Universitätsgesellschaft Münster e.V. supports a new project about eSports led by Dr. Till Utesch. The project aims to examine sport psychological and educational perspectives on eSports and (teacher) education. Furthermore, it aims to start a discussion about educational potentials of eSports and to promote the awareness of related risks in university studies. The project continues the idea of the seminar (WS 2018/19) „eSports – Educational potential or health risk?“ (Utesch/Grade). It will be implemented in cooperation with the AStA Sportreferat (Colja Homann, Maximilian Strunk) in 2019.

Reserach stay at Liverpool John Morris University

© Till Utesch

Dr. Till Utesch visited the John Morris University in Liverpool to promote the close cooperation to the WWU Münster. Main focus of his stay was the close cooperation in post graduate qualification. Specifically, the evaluation of the physical education curriculum SAMPLE-PE (Skill Acquisition through Manipulation of the Physical Learning Environments during Physical Education) was discussed, which was delivered one semester in local primary schools. The curriculum was underpinned by motor, affective and cognitive development theories in children. It was implemented during one school term using different teaching strategies (direct instruction vs. non-linear pedagogy) by schooled teachers, who were now compared to a control group of untrained teachers. As a part of this research stay, Till Utesch ran a workshop about “Longitudinal Multilevel Modelling in PE Evaluation”, in which the special focus on the influence of the teacher level on the results from this randomized control trial.