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All information concerning exams can be found here. In case of further questions please visit us during our consultation hours.

  • Module Exams (LABG 2009/BA2011)

  • Bachelor and Master Theses

    Theses are supervised by Prof. Dr. Henk Erik Meier and/or Martin Hölzen. We will only supervise theses if you present a three page exposé elaborating on

    • Subject
    • Central question
    • Theoretical background
    • Method

    of your planned thesis.

  • Term Papers

    Term papers are to be submitted by the end of the respective term. The dates are to be found at the web sites of the University of Münster.

  • Possible Topics for Theses

    Studies in Sport Development

    •     Development of professional boxing
    •     Development of women’ soccer
    •     Development of tennis
    •     Development of table tennis
    •     Recruitment of referees

    Deviance in Sport

    •      Corruption in sport governing bodies
    •     Match fixing in soccer

    Sexualization in Sport

    •     The popularity of athletes
    •     Relationship between physical attractiveness and athletes‘ success

    Mediatization of Sport – New Media

    •     Sport consumption and new media
    •     Media presentation of sport
    •     Social media activities of athletes
    •     Language use in sport
    •     Sport marketing via social networks
    •     Popularity of professional athlets in the social network age
    •     Twitter use of professional athletes

    Identification and prejudices in sport

    •     Sport events and national identification