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Centre for Research Communication

The Cluster of Excellence explores numerous historical and current topics relating to the conflicting interests of religion and politics. Therefore, its approximately 200 academics, in addition to their fundamental research, actively seek to establish contact with the public on pressing questions about the future – from religiously motivated violence and bioethics to church policy, Islamic issues and religious plurality. The Centre for Research Communication advances the dialogue of scholars with representatives from the media and politics, from educational institutions, culture, churches and religious communities as well as with the citizens. It conveys the researchers’ expertise on current issues to the public outside the universities, and it is the first point of contact for all those who are interested. more

  • Services for the Press

    • Providing contact with academics from the humanities and the social sciences as interview partners and guest writers
    • Expert statements on the events of the day (via press releases, news agency reports and interviews)
    • Up-to-date information from the humanities and the social sciences through website, newsletter, video and audio media
    • Topic-related addressing of journalists in editorial offices of regional and national print, online, radio and television media
  • Services for Key Communicator Services

    • Providing contact with academics as speakers and experts in non-university institutions and at non-university events
    • Bringing researchers into contact with representatives of politics, educational institutions, schools, culture, churches and religious communities, as well as with the public
  • Services for Researchers

    • Advice on matters of public and media relations
    • Media-oriented editing of research findings from projects, publications and events of the Cluster of Excellence
    • Publication of own articles on the website
    • Identification of current topics from the humanities and the social sciences, especially concerning religion and politics
    • Advice on the public-oriented conception of events
    • Consulting on event conception with regards to high public visibility
    • Organising and supporting, from a media perspective, interactive and cultural events for the communication of research (exhibitions, film series, concerts, lectures, book launches and panel discussions)
    • Production of marketing material in the corporate design of the Cluster of Excellence such as posters and flyers for events
    • Presentation of academic conferences and publications on the website
    • Imparting media skills through interview trainings and seminars, especially for junior researchers
    • Advancing in-house communication via intranet and an internal newsletter
    • Cooperations for research communication, with partners like Gerda Henkel Foundation (academic portal L.I.S.A.), Wissenschaft im Dialog (Science in Dialogue, WiD; MS Wissenschaft) and Alliance for Science (Science Office at Münster Marketing)
  • Services for Students

    • Several-week taster placements for students of the humanities and the social sciences (please send initial enquiries to religionundpolitik@uni-muenster.de)
    • Information on choosing a career in WWU workshops for students of the humanities and the social sciences (such as the seminars offered by the History & Career Interface and Theology & Career Network Office)