• Research Areas

    • History of missionaries in German and British colonies
    • Historical transregional studies
    • Colonial history of the 19th century
    • Cultural transfer
    • Form and function of (Missionary) Periodicals
    • The afterlives of German colonies and the culture of remembrance
  • CV


    North Rhine-Westphalia Certificate "Professional Teaching Competence for the University"
    Habilitation at Münster University ("Venia legendi" in Modern and Contemporary History with a particular focus on the nineteenth century)
    Doctor of Philosophy, School of Historical Studies, University of Melbourne, Australia
    Master of Arts (German), University of Melbourne, Australia
    Bachelor of Arts with Honours (German), University of Melbourne, Australia


    Postdoctoral research fellow at the cluster of excellence “Religion and Politics in Modern and Pre-Modern Cultures”, University of Münster
    Honorary Visiting Academic, History & Archaeology, Flinders University, Australia
    Academic Fellow, The University of York, UK, ERASMUS+ STA/STT Mobility
    Community Awareness Programme Manager, ARC Centre of Excellence for Free Radical Chemistry University of Melbourne, Australia
    Advisor for television programmes; “First Australians”, SBS Independent television series, Blackfella Films, Sydney, Australia
    Member of the “History Council of Victoria Rural Outreach Program, History Road-Show”
    Academic researcher at the project “Future of Chemistry”, Royal Australian Chemical Institute, National Office, Australia
    Research assistant and project manager, Centre for the Study of Higher Education University of Melbourne, Australia
    Academic researcher at the project “Moravian Mission Papers and Victorian Indigenous languages”, Victorian Aboriginal Corporations for Languages


    Horner Memorial Library Fellowship - German Historical Institute (Washington) and the German Society of Pennsylvania, USA
    The Ian Robertson Travel Scholarship - The University of Melbourne
    Postgraduate Overseas Research Experience Scholarship - The University of Melbourne, Australia
    Travel for Research in Postgraduate Studies - The University of Melbourne, Australia
    Lizette Bentwitch Scholarship - The University of Melbourne, Australia
    The Alma Hansen Scholarship - The University of Melbourne, Australia
    Research Grant for foreign doctoral candidates and young academics and scientists - German Academic Exchange Service

    External functions

    Member of Steering Committee on the Project: "Children as Objects and Agents of Change. Strategies of (post)colonial development, 1880 - 2020"", led by Professor dr. Geertje Mak (Amsterdam School of Historical Studies, Modern History Group, University of Amsterdam), funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
    Member of Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum
    Member of Center for Digital Humanities, WWU Münster
    Member of Verband der Historiker und Historikerinnen Deutschlands
    Editorial Board Member for Journal of Moravian History Penn State University Press, USA
    Member of the Board of Directors of the Cluster of Excellence, WWU
    Elective Representative of the Early to Mid-Career Researchers, Cluster of Excellence Religion and Politics, WWU
  • Publications


    Books (Monographs)
    • Jensz Felicity. Moravian Missionaries in the British Colony of Victoria, Australia, 1848-1908: Strangers in a Strange Land. Leiden: Brill, .
    Edited Books
    • "Dossier: Non-European Teachers in Mission Schools" in Itinerario: International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction 40, no. 3 : 389-465., .
    • Jensz Felicity, Acke Hanna. (eds.) “The Form and Function of Nineteenth-Century Missionary Periodicals,” Forum section, Church History, 82, no. 2: 368-404., .
    • Jensz Felicity, Acke Hanna (eds.). Missions and Media. The Politics of Missionary Periodicals in the Long Nineteenth Century. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, .


    Articles in Journals
    • Jensz, Felicity.Miscarriage and Coping in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: Private Notes from Distant Places.’ Gender & History 32 (). [Accepted]
    • Jensz, Felicity.The 1910 Edinburgh World Missionary Conference and comparative colonial education.’ History of Education 47, No. 3 (). doi: 10.1080/0046760X.2018.1425741.
    • Jensz, Felicity.Ein Globales Leben: Das Leben von Adolf und Mary "Polly" Hartmann in Briefen, ca. 1860-1910.“ Unitas Fratrum 77 (): 39-54.
    • Jensz, Felicity. ‘Poor Heathens’, ‘Cone-headed Natives’, and ‘Good Water’: The Production of Knowledge of the Interior of Australia through German Texts from around the 1860s.’ Postcolonial Studies 21, No. 1 (): 399-414.
    • Jensz, Felicity. Fischstäbchen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Eine Geschichte des Technologischen und Gesellschaftlichen Wandel.“ Epikur. Journal für Gastrosophie 3, Nr. 1 ().
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    • Jensz, Felicity. Controlling marriages: Friedrich Hagenauer and the betrothal of indigenous Western Australian women in colonial Victoria.’ Aboriginal History 34 (): 35-54.
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    • Jensz Felicity.Writing the Lake Boga Failure.’ Traffic: An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Journal 2003, No. 3 ()147-161.
    Articles in Edited Books
    • Jensz, Felicity. Silenced Women, Speaking Men: Locating Gendered Epistemic Violence in Nineteenth Century Missionary Representations of India In Gender and Violence in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives: Situating India, edited by Atwal Jyoti, Fleßenkämper Iris, 58-75. New York, London, Delhi: Routledge, .
    • Jensz, Felicity. "Als der Krieg ausbrach". Die persönlichen Erinnerungen deutscher Missionare in Kamerun um 1914 In Mission Afrika: Geschichtsschreibung über Grenzen hinweg, herausgegeben von Eckardt, Michael, 87-104. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, .
    • Jensz, Felicity. Hope and Pity: Depictions of Children in Five Decades of the Evangelisch-Lutherisches Missionsblatt, 1860-1910 In Menschen—Bilder—Eine Welt. Ordnungen von Vielfalt in der religiösen Publizistik um 1900, edited by Becker, Judith; Nebgen, Christoph; Stornig, Katharina, 223-245. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, .
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    Articles in Newspapers or non-scientific Media

    Theses (Dissertation or Habilitation)

    • Jensz, Felicity. The Rising Generatio. Mission Schools and Governments in the British Imperial World in the Long Nineteenth Century. Postdoctoral Thesis, Universität Münster. , . [Accepted]

    Reports (Working, Research, Annual Reports)