Friederike Müller, M.A.

Friederike Müller, M.A.

Johannisstr. 1
48143 Münster

  • Research Areas

    • Qualitative reconstructive Social Research
    • Sociology of Migration
    • Sociology of Religion
    • Family and Socialization
  • Doctoral Thesis

    The transmission and appropriation of Islamic norms. A comparison between Islamic theology and the perspective of practical life. (working title)

    Prof. Dr. Christel Gärtner
    Doctoral Subject
    Targeted Doctoral Degree
    Dr. phil.
    Awarded by
    Department 06 – Education and Social Studies

    In my dissertation project, I investigate how Islamic norms are transmitted and appropriated and how the content of what is being transmitted shapes Muslims’ perception of Islam in Germany. I understand the term “perception of Islam” as a particular interpretation of Islam as well as the religious practice associated with it, which may differ due to the diversity within Islam. To answer these questions, I will conduct qualitative interviews with mosque visitors and subsequently analyze them using the reconstructive method of ‘Objective Hermeneutics’ based on Oevermann’s method. I will compare these interviews with my Objective Hermeneutic analysis of Friday sermons from different mosques, which have been selected as representing an important medium for the transmission of (religiously justified) norms for Muslims in Germany. By comparing the results of the interviews and the sermons I will examine the extent to which commonalities can be found between the believers’ conception of norms and the norms transmitted through the sermons.

  • CV


    PhD Student at the University of Münster, Graduate School of the Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics"
    Master of Arts Sociology, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
    Bachelor of Arts Sociology and Pedagogy, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


    Research Assistant at the Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics, Project C3-9
    Student Assistant at the Centre for Religion and Modernity (CRM) at the University of Münster, Project "The Transmission of Religion Across Generations: A Comparative International Study of Continuities and Discontinuities in Family Socialization"

    External Function

    The German Sociological Association (GSA) (Member)
  • Scientific Talk

    • Müller, Friederike (): „Die Tradierung von Normen in muslimischen Freitagspredigten in Deutschland“. Traditionen im Wandel. Nachwuchstagung des Exzellenzclusters "Religion und Politik". 20.-21. Mai 2022, Münster, .