EXC 2060 A3-2 „Wir fordern unsere Kolonien zurück“: Religious (Dis)entanglements between Germany and her overseas (ex) colonies

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Funding Source
DFG - Cluster of Excellence
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EXC 2060/1
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    The German colonial period was short and ended abruptly after World War I. This research project will examine the role that religion played in discussion about former German colonies during the period directly after the loss of these colonies. It is based upon the hypothesis that religious arguments were appropriated as moral arguments within secular discourses surrounding colonial. As such the project will examine discourses stemming from religious, political and scientific bodies. The religious voice will initially be examined through examining the Protestant missionary writings. In a second step, Catholic missionary writings will be examined. The scientific voice will initially be examined through an examination of the writings of a group of scientists closely connected to the colonial movement. In another line of analysis the project will examine the writings of former German colonial governors in relation to what role religion was given in their arguments for the return of former German colonies. The project aims to contribute theoretically and methodologically to German (post) colonial studies as well as to broader debates upon the role of religious and moral ideals in the construction of the ‘other' both within and external to colonial discourses.
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