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Campus of Theology and Religious Studies

The University of Münster is creating on Robert-Koch-Straße in Münster the only “Campus of Theology and Religious Studies” in the world. Bringing together at the end of 2025 Protestant, Catholic and Islamic theology, as well as the University’s Centre for Religion and Modernity (CRM) and the Institute of Westphalian Church History in the adjoining Hüfferstiftung, the Campus will foster scholarly discussion across disciplines. As a location, the Campus in the city of the Peace of Westphalia will also provide a neutral venue for mutual understanding in the highly contested field of “religion and politics”. It will be a site for discussion among leading national and international representatives from academia, politics, religious and non-religious communities, and NGOs, as well as from the media, culture and the arts.

The Campus of Theology and Religious Studies will unite a wide range of religious research institutions previously scattered across the city of Münster in a large, centrally located building complex with a total of around 4,400 students and 500 members of staff under one roof. A total of 4,000 square metres have been reserved for the specialist library, which has a collection of over half a million volumes and numerous specialist journals.

By bringing together old and new institutional structures, the University of Münster is not only strengthening interdisciplinary cooperation, but also promoting interreligious dialogue and thus setting an example for dealing with religious diversity and equality.