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Research structure

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Individual research projects form the core of the academic work at the Cluster of Excellence. These contribute to overarching questions, which are divided into three research fields: transcultural entanglements and disentanglements, religious diversity and legal-political unity, and criticism of religion and apologetics. Running across and uniting these fields of research are theory platforms, where researchers work with theories of conflict, emotionality and mediality, as well as of social inequality and differentiation. In addition, there are flexible Research Clouds dealing with overarching themes such as Memory and Forgetting, Migration and Diaspora, Epidemics, or Religious Landscapes and Environmental Devotion.

The aim of research in the Cluster is not least to create an analytical distance from urgent questions of the present, and thereby to avoid giving simplistic explanations of current problems. For that reason, the Centre for Research Communication disseminates research from the humanities and social sciences to a wide range of target groups in society – be it sociological findings on migration in Europe, philosophical reflections on biopolitics, legal analyses of religious constitutional law or historical studies of the relationship between religion, violence and gender.

In order to promote early-career researchers and to unite research and teaching, the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” runs a Graduate School with an interdisciplinary doctoral programme. Postdocs are involved in interdisciplinary research with autonomous projects.