Graduate School

The Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics” has a Graduate School that fosters the development of early-career researchers. Since 2007, it has enabled doctoral students from the humanities and social sciences to pursue their research projects within a structured and interdisciplinary doctoral programme. The Graduate School supports research projects on themes arising from the interplay between religion and politics across all disciplines in the Cluster. It allows researchers who are at an early stage of their career to participate with their own project in the interdisciplinary research of the Cluster of Excellence.

An overview of current and previous doctoral projects in the third funding phase of the Cluster of Excellence (2019-2025) can be found under Projects; this also lists the doctoral projects of students from the first (2007-2012) and second (2012-2017) funding phases of the Cluster of Excellence.

Doctoral students are supervised by professors from the Cluster of Excellence together with the Early Career Support team. The interdisciplinary doctoral programme is designed to train doctoral students in the traditions and expectations of their own research discipline, while also extending their view beyond the boundaries of their disciplinary area and preparing them for a career either within or outside the university. To this end, the doctoral programme also runs workshops on issues related to academic and non-academic career paths.