New publication: Flaying of a Controversial Institution. On the Sociology of the Catholic Church

by Karl Gabriel
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The Catholic Church is in the midst of the most serious crisis in its recent history. There are even voices that expect an imminent demise of Catholicism. But does this stand up to sociological analysis? In the 26th volume of the series "Religion and Modernity," Karl Gabriel explores the historically determined self-blockades that have led to the decline of the Catholic Church. The path to the current impasse – according to the thesis of this book – begins with the reinvention of Catholicism in the 19th century: In confrontation with modern society, the Catholic Church developed forms of self-assertion that fostered serious institutional aberrations and made reform impossible. But at the same time, currents can be identified that are searching worldwide for ways out of the crisis in the conflict between perseverance and renewal.

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Series ‘Religion und Moderne’ [German]

Karl Gabriel, Häutungen einer umstrittenen Institution. Zur Soziologie der katholischen Kirche, Frankfurt am Main/New York: Campus Verlag, 2023 (Reihe 'Religion und Moderne' 26)