The Center for Religion and Modernity (CRM) is an interdisciplinary research network at the University of Münster. It is dedicated to the study of religions, religious communities and actors, and their changing roles in modern and modernizing societies. The CRM is home to research that deals with religious phenomena and how they change in the modern period, as well as with historical developments that can illuminate the role of religion in modernity and thus contribute to our understanding of religion today.

The CRM’s aim is to build on the interdisciplinary research on religion initiated by the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics in Pre-Modern and Modern Cultures”, and to consolidate this research at the University of Münster in the field of modernity. To this end, the CRM has brought together around 30 researchers from a range of disciplines, including political science and sociology, history and law, Catholic, Protestant and Islamic theology, religious and Islamic studies, Arabic and Jewish studies, communication studies, and literary studies. An Executive Board elected by the General Assembly every two years coordinates the work of the CRM, and is supported in this by the academic management. more...


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Global Bible (GloBil)

The new project, led by Dr. Felicity Jensz, will start in April 2023

The Global Bible project (GloBil) aims to critically investigate British and German contributions to the creation of a global bible, that is the attempt to translate Christian scripture into all the languages of the world. By early in the twentieth century, some portion of the bible had been translated into approximately 1000 languages, including many with no previous written language.

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Chosen or Elected?

November 9, 2022 | Room JO 101 | Johannisstraße 1, 48143 Münster

Presentation of the research results from the project "Protestant Theologians as Parliamentarians".

A book presentation of the Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics" with Dr. Johann Hinrich Claussen, Cultural Commissioner of the Council of the EKD, and other guests.

Registration for digital participation until 8 November 2022 with Martina Forstmann (

Books of the project:
»Erwählt oder gewählt?«
by Uta Elisabeth Hohmann

»Eyn sonderlicher Gottisdienst«
by Uta Elisabeth Hohmann (ed.),
Arnulf von Scheliha (ed.)

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Follow-up project: "Explaining religious change across generations: an international study of religious transmission in families"

The John Templeton Foundation has approved funding for the international research project "Explaining religious change across generations: an international study of religious transmission in families" by the Münster sociologists of religion Christel Gärtner and Olaf Müller. Following the project "The Transmission of Religion Across Generations", the teams from five countries will concentrate primarily on the cross-country comparative analyses until June 2024 and combine the qualitative and quantitative analyses ("mixed methods").