Anti-Corruption Officer

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schüller
Institut für Kanonisches Recht
Robert-Koch-Straße 40

Tel.: +49 251 83-22622
Fax: +49 251 83-28380

The Anti-Corruption Officer is an ombudsperson, appointed by the University management to serve as a confidential and impartial contact for University staff, business partners and third parties. In order to fulfil his duties, he is granted unrestricted rights to information.

He receives tips (confidentially, if desired) concerning possible cases of corruption, investigates the allegations and, if substantiated, takes further steps in agreement with the University management. He also decides whether to involve or share information with other authorities in coordination with the University management.

During and after his term in office, he is subject to secrecy regarding any information about the personal affairs of the University staff. This does not apply to interactions with the University management and persons conducting civil-service or labour law-related investigations based on facts supporting the allegations of corruption. He is not permitted to participate in disciplinary procedures.

The Anti-Corruption Officer is obliged to treat all files opened under his authority which contain personal information with absolute confidentiality. They are to be destroyed if the suspicion of corruption cannot be substantiated.