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The Department of Psychology is responsible for the bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in psychology and for the mediation of psychological learning content in teacher training and in minors in psychology It is partnered with the Department of Sport & Exercise Sciences which together belong to Department 7 of the Westfalian Wilhelm's University (WWU). At the University of Münster, the field of psychology is divided into two main institutes: The Institute of Psychology, which covers the foundational and methodological, as well as the practice-oriented subjects, and the Institute of Psychology in Education & Training, which is responsible for teacher education within the field of psychology. Both institutes, the classroom facilities, the Dean’s Office, and the support facilities of the Department of Psychology, including staff and faculty offices, are located on campus grounds at Fliednerstr. 21. Learn more about our Department under Organisation. For directions to the insitute click here


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Joint task force research initiative

Seven Units of the Institute of Psychology at University of Münster are working together on research about psychological ascpects of refugee integration (PARI). The research initiative is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Gerald Echterhoff.

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Evaluation & Awards

  • The current (and recent) evaluation report is available here

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AI & Psychology

The interplay between artificial intelligence and psychology offers new and exciting opportunities to understand and analyze human behavior and psychological processes. AI enables us to process datasets on a new scale, decipher data structures, and thus push the boundaries of traditional psychological approaches. Psychological research that applies AI thus promises new, even deeper insights into the workings of human experience and behavior.
In the research area AI & Psychology at the University of Münster, we are addressing this issue in numerous international research projects, third-party funded projects, and publications.

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Open Science Initiative

The Institutes for Psychology of the University of Münster have established an Open Science Initiative and agreed on a joint concept for fostering Open Science. The Open Science Initiative of is actively following current efforts to improve the quality of psychological research, discusses implication for the study of psychology at the University of Münster and is working together with all research units of the department to establish the central premises of Open Science in research, teaching and administration. The latest version of the Open Science concept-paper of the Institutes for Psychology is available for download here.

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Student initiative: "Sustainability in teaching and research"

We are a student initiative dedicated to promoting the topics of climate crisis and sustainability in psychological teaching and research. The climate crisis affects many areas of life, including the university, and the field of psychology plays an important role in the necessary societal changes. Our aim ist to raise awareness of the topics of environmental and climate psychology and the resulting responsibility that comes along with teaching or studying the subject. Therefore, we are active in the context of various courses and events to create opportunities and space for exchange.

Summer semester 2024

Start of lectures/seminars: 08.04.2024

End: 19.07.2024

Winter semester 2024/2025

Freshers-Week: 07.10.2024
Start of lectures/seminars: 14.10.2024

End: 31.01.2025