Open Science Initiative

The Open Science Initiative of the Institutes of Psychology at the University of Münster actively improves the quality of psychological research. For this, we are discussing implications for psychology and are striving together with all research units and the department to establish core aspects of open science in research, teaching and administration.

Some members of the Open Science Initiative briefly present the goals of the initiative in this English video (Year: 2022).


The Open Science Initiative is part of the German network of Open Science Initiatives (NOSI) and the German Reproducibility Network.

The goals of the Open Science Initiative include

  • Surveys about the acceptance and perceived barriers of Open Science
  • the development of a concept paper including recommendations for dealing with open science and its implementation in the whole department
  • connecting with local, national and international initiatives about open science
  • facilitating easy access to information for students, doctoral candidates and employees in psychology (including collection and processing of information, various seminars about open science)
  • the joint discussion of implications with various committees of the department of psychology (e.g. doctoral committee, ethics committee, appointment committees, habilitation committees)
  • the discussion of implications for teaching by suggesting appropriate formats and content

Further materials and information are organized in an OSF project. In particular, the Open Science concept paper of the Institutes of Psychology and information modules on various open science aspects are stored there. News from the Open Science Initiative are constantly updated in our wiki.

Our initiative is actively cooperating with the Münster Center for Open Science (MüCOS).

Current contact person is Prof. Dr. Niko Busch.