Münster Center for Open Science (MüCOS)

The Münster Center for Open Science (MüCOS) provides scientifically sound support for researchers at the University of Münster in the areas of transparent and reliable research and develops the meta-scientific foundations of Open Science. Our Open Science services include networking and bundling across disciplines and departments, strategy development and consulting, the preparation of information and solutions, as well as further education and training. These services cover all four areas of interrelated Open Science practices: open documentation of research questions and research plans, open documentation of materials and data, open publication and open communication of research results. Both general interdisciplinary and subject-specific, customized solutions are implemented.

Open Science Research Cycle (see also the Open Science-Website of the University of Münster, www.uni-muenster.de/forschung/en/open_science)
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Associated Services

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Digital Publishing

The University of Münster supports its members with various offers to publish research results and multimedia works.


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Open Access

Open access means free access to scientific information on the Internet. Anyone interested should be able to access specialist literature and materials free of charge worldwide. In 2012, the Rectorate adopted an open access declaration for the University of Münster.

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Research Data Management

From project consulting to the provision and preservation of research data, we support you in research data management.

Associated Centers


Center for Digital Humanities

The Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) is an interest group of digital researchers from different departments and handles the scientific shaping of the thematic field of Digital Humanities at the Münster location.


Service Center for Digital Humanities

The Service Center for Digital Humanities (SCDH) supports the community of DH researchers by providing professional project advice and guidance from proposal submission to publication. The SCDH is located at the University and State Library (ULB).