| Textpraxis # 14
Textpraxis # 14

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The  fourteenth issue of Textpraxis. Digital Journal for Philology was released on November 1st. Nicole M. Mueller discusses the possibilities of a digital literature research based on japanese Thomas-Mann-Translations. Silja Wendt shows, how intermediality causes the performative character of the Sherlock series. Ted Underwood interviews Cosima Mattner and talks about the relevance of digital methods in literary analyzes.

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Textpraxis publishes contributions of all philological disciplines on the topics of literature and society, theories of literary studies and literary studies and practice. Since Textpraxis is an Open Access Journal all articles are immediately accessible for free.

Call for Articles: Textpraxis

Textpraxis. Digital Journal for Philology seeks academic papers on literary and cultural studies topics for its biannual publication (November 1st / May 1st). Potential topics include

  • literature and society (e.g. Gender Studies, Animal Studies, literature sociological studies, etc.),
  • discussion and reflection of approaches to literary theory,
  • literature and literary studies in practice (e.g. literature in the museum, performances, theater practice, literature in the context of the commercial literary industry, publishing, etc.),
  • and many others.

Abstracts (max. 500 words) are requested by April 1st /October 1st and should be submitted to textpraxis@uni-muenster.de. If accepted, the drafting of the actual paper must be finished by July 1st /January 1st , after which the peer review process with a revision phase until October 1st / April 1st begins. The issue will be published on www.textpraxis.net on November 1st /May 1st.

We also want to emphasize that via our website one can publish replica and comments to already published articles at all time, to continue current research discussions.