The research of this working group covers a wide range of topics and we are applying a large variety of analytical and numerical methods. Some examples are given further below. A full overview about our research areas, particular topics of research, and results obtained so far is given in the following

Research Overview

A very brief overview of our research topics is given in the following



  • Analytical modeling
  • Computer simulations

Our work includes the derivation of models and physical laws, generalization of theories, development of new methods, and analysis of the fundamental equations of new models and theories. We also utilize computer simulations. In this way, many analytical and numerical methods are employed in our work. To complement these theoretical methods, we collaborate with experimentalists.

Overview of the methods employed in this research group


To aid our numerical simulations we created a number of software frameworks which we actively maintain and improve.

  • AcoDyn: A framework for simulations of acoustofluidic microsystems
  • FIPS: A JIT-compiler for highly flexible many-particle simulations