RESEARCH GROUP SCHMITZ: Particle Cosmology Münster



Welcome! This is the page of the Particle Cosmology Münster research group at the Institute for Theoretical Physics. The research group was established in May 2022 and is headed by Kai Schmitz, a newly appointed junior professor in the Physics Department at the University of Münster. The group deals with research topics at the interface of particle physics and cosmology, notably gravitational waves from the early Universe, and is involved in the activities of the NANOGrav Pulsar Timing Array Collaboration. On this page, you will find more information on the following topics ...


Current group members and guests more

Kai Schmitz Group leader
Oleksandr Sobol Postdoc (Philipp Schwartz fellow)
Richard von Eckardstein PhD student
Tobias Schröder PhD student
David Esmyol MSc student
Jonah Fabian BSc student
Peer Kuhlbrodt BSc student
Msab Zamout BSc student

Former group members and guests

Finn Kohl Guest (PhD student in the Wulkenhaar research group at the University of Münster) 04/2023–05/2023
Adeela Afzal Guest (PhD student at Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan) 11/2022–05/2023
Peter Stratmann Guest (PhD student in the Andronic / Klein-Bösing research group at the University of Münster) 11/2022–12/2022
Rafael R. Lino dos Santos Guest (PhD student at Syddansk Universitet in Odense, Denmark) 08/2022–02/2023



New physics at the PTA frontier more
Topics: Exotic sources in the nHz band

Primordial gravitational waves more
Topics: Cosmic strings, cosmological phase transitions

Axion cosmology more
Topics: Dark matter, magnetic fields, black holes, hierarchy problem

Early Universe more
Topics: Inflation, reheating, baryogenesis, leptogenesis


Names of group members are printed in boldface.


  • [MS-TP-23-38] Richard von Eckardstein, Marco Peloso, Kai Schmitz, Oleksandr Sobol, Lorenzo Sorbo
    Axion inflation in the strong-backreaction regime: decay of the Anber-Sorbo solution
  • [MS-TP-23-37] Wilfried Buchmüller, Valerie Domcke, Kai Schmitz
    Metastable cosmic strings
  • [MS-TP-23-36] Richard von Eckardstein, Andrea Mitridate, Jonathan Nay, Ken Olum, Kai Schmitz, Tobias Schröder, Tanner Trickle, David Wright
  • [MS-TP-23-27] Astrid Eichhorn, Rafael R. Lino dos Santos, João Lucas Miqueleto
    From quantum gravity to gravitational waves through cosmic strings
  • [MS-TP-23-13] Axel Brandenburg, Kohei Kamada, Kyohei Mukaida, Kai Schmitz, Jennifer Schober
    Chiral magnetohydrodynamics with zero total chirality
  • [MS-TP-23-12] Gilles Weymann-Despres, Sophie Henrot-Versillé, Gilbert Moultaka, Vincent Vennin, Laurent Duflot, Richard von Eckardstein
    MSSM-inflation revisited: Towards a coherent description of high-energy physics and cosmology
  • [MS-TP-23-06] Ruth Durrer, Oleksandr Sobol, Stanislav Vilchinskii
    Backreaction from gauge fields produced during inflation


  • [MS-TP-22-57] Rafael R. Lino dos Santos, Linda van Manen
    Gravitational waves from the early universe
  • [MS-TP-22-37] Valerie Domcke, Kohei Kamada, Kyohei Mukaida, Kai Schmitz, Masaki Yamada
    Wash-in leptogenesis after axion inflation
  • [MS-TP-22-23] Valerie Domcke, Kohei Kamada, Kyohei Mukaida, Kai Schmitz, Masaki Yamada
    A new constraint on primordial lepton flavour asymmetries
  • [MS-TP-22-22] Martin Enriquez-Rojo, Tobias Schröder
    Asymptotic symmetries and memories of gauge theories in FLRW spacetimes
  • [MS-TP-22-19] Pierre Auclair, Simone Blasi, Vedran Brdar, Kai Schmitz
    Gravitational waves from current-carrying cosmic strings
    arXiv:2207.03510 YouTube video abstract
  • [MS-TP-22-17] Alexandros Papageorgiou, Pablo Quílez, Kai Schmitz
    Axion dark matter from frictional misalignment
    arXiv:2206.01129 YouTube video abstract