The Institute of Theoretical Physics



Mrs. P.  Voß, Room 321, Tel. 0251/83-34919, theoretische.physik(at) or
Office hours: Mon. & Fri. 8:15–12:15; Tues. 8:15 - 14.15, Thurs. 8:00-14:00, Wed. off

Mrs. M. Stötzel, Room 321, Tel. 0251/83-34910,
Office hours: Mon. & Tues. 8.45-13.45; Wedn. 8.00-13.45;  Thurs. 8.00-12.45;  Fri. off


Mrs. A. Volmer, Room 307, Tel. 0251/83-34909, avolm_01(at)
Office hours: Mon., & Thurs. 8:30–14:30, Tues., 08:30-17:00, Wed. and Fr. off


The obiturary for Prof. R. Friedrich of the WWU and the biography of former director Prof. A. Kratzer (1893–1983) written by Prof. N. Schmitz are available online.

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