Master’s Degree Program

The research-oriented Master’s Program in Geophysics at WWU focusses on Geodynamics, Seismology and Applied Geophysics. The program aims at a close integration between research and teaching. During their first year, students receive advanced training in the three research fields mentioned above. In addition, they choose supplementary classes in Geoscience, Physics and other topics. During the second year, students carry out an independent research project that finally results in their Master’s thesis. They are fully integrated into one of the research groups of the institute and are supervised by a leading scientist in their field. The program takes two years in total.

Study contents:

1st Year:

Dynamics, Evolution and Simulation of Geophysical Systems 12.5 CP        21%.        
Advanced Methods for Investigating the Earth 12.5 CP 21%
Advanced Methods in Applied Geophysics 13 CP 22%
Elective Courses 22 CP 37%

2nd Year:

Professional Specialization, Master's Project 60 CP 100%



This is a non-restricted program. However, applicants must provide proof of adequate prior knowledge (see below). An online application is strictly required. Details can be found here: [en].



Prerequisite for the admission to the Master’s program "Geophysics" is a Bachelor's degree in geophysics, physics, mathematically oriented geosciences, or a closely related subject with a minimum grade of "C" according to ECTS. Applicants are expected to be familiar with the content covered by the Bachelor’s program in geophysics offered at WWU, especially in geophysics, mathematics and physics. Furthermore, appropriate English language skills (CEFR level B2 or equivalent) need to be proven. 

In case of incomplete equivalence with the Bachelor's program in geophysics offered at WWU, the approval can be granted conditional on attending additional classes from the Bachelor’s program in geophysics offered at WWU. Since these classes are taught in German, this possibility only exists for candidates with appropriate language skills.

Application Periods and Deadlines:

Details concerning application periods and important deadlines can be found here.



Further information:

Questions concerning the application process, admission procedure and enrolment are answered by the Student Administration Office [en]. The International Office of the University of Münster [en] advises foreign students who wish to study at WWU.