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New project for a PhD candidate funded in SPP DeepDyn where we will investigate how lower mantle structure influences core dynamics.

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What we do

Investigating seismic structures in the Earth helps to understand mantle processes and provides information on temperature, pressure, and chemical composition. Using seismic arrays we gain high-resolution fine-scale images of mantle structures from the surface to the centre of the Earth. We are particularly interested in seismic structures in the Earth's mantle: the D" region (the lowest 200-300 km of the mantle), the mantle transition zone, and the mid-lower mantle are our focus as well as the shallow and crustal structure of the Earth. The Earth's core and interaction between mantle and core structures and processes is another topic in our group.
We are also involved in the Einstein Teleskop Project (Gravitational wave detection) and ErUM wave (Erforschung von Universum und Materie) as well as in the dbMISS Project, which is concerned with wind turbine noise. Further work is done on the mapping of magma regions and other structure in volcanic regions, ambient noise studies or rotational seismology.

New publications

Saki, M., Wirp, S.A., Billen, M.I., Thomas, C., 2024. Evidence for entrainment of rising plumes in subducting slab induced flow in three subduction zones surrounding the Caribbean Plate, Phys. Earth Planet. Int., accepted.

Magali, J.K., Ledoux, E., Thomas, C., Capdeville, Y., Merkel, S., 2024. Pressure-dependent large-scale seismic anisotropy induced by non-Newtonian mantle flow. Geophys. J. Int., accepted

Russell, S., Irving, J.C.E., Myhill, R. et al. The emerging picture of a complex core-mantle boundary. Nat Commun 15, 4569 (2024).

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Equipment and Fieldwork
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Seismic station on La Réunion
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