Current projects

Gender in subdisciplines of physics. In some sub-disciplines of physics or the respective associations lower female proportions are observed than in others. The question is, therefore, what connections exist between the specialized culture and the gender distribution of a sub-discipline of physics. To approach this question, we examine the formal and informal networks of physicists on the one hand, and the influence of women's participation on specialized culture. In doing so, physicists working in an academic context are interviewed by means of an online survey about their professional activity in a specific physical field, but above all their professional and personal networks. Project start: February2018.

"The female physicists: between patrons and gazers." Women in men's professions and the bystander experience of their colleagues (working title).
Dissertation research project by  Valerie Dahl. Using the example of physicists, this project examines how the working conditions of employees in male-dominated occupations are shaped. The research is based on the model "The Established and the Outsiders" of sociologist Norbert Elias, which explains social segregation with unequal power relations. Center of the work is the so-called "bystander experience", which deals with the effects on third parties who perceive or fear harassment of (relatives of) marginalized groups. Project start: October 2016.

Student projects with special attention to the MINT interests of girls

zdi Zentrum m3 MINT Münster Münsterland. A center for networking activities for career orientation, with a focus on girls' advancement. From 2012. Funded by the State Ministry for Innovation, Science and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Employment Agency Münster.  Homepage.

Vocational and study-oriented measures at student laboratories. As part of the "Future through Innovation" (zdi) initiative of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research (MIWF) and the Ministry of Education and Training (MSW) since 2010 a promotion of workshops and projects at student laboratories with elements of vocational orientation. Whole- or half-year projects in the following years were supported by a quality seal of the MIWF.

zdi student laboratory MExLab ExperiMINTe. An experimental laboratory for high school students for the MINT subjects at the university of Münster. 2011 – 2013, continuous furthering. Funded by the State Ministry for Innovation, Science and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia. Homepage.

2° Campus. Since 2010, the Germany-wide project has been offering young people a research-oriented platform for active climate protection. Each year, 20 young people will work on their own research questions in the subjects of energy, mobility, nutrition and housing in cooperation with a research institution in Germany. Two subjects (solar energy, electromobility) will be carried out at the universtiy of Münster in cooperation with the research center meet. The project is coordinated by the World Wildlife Fund and funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation. Homepage.

You to think! A project course at schools at the interface of physics and philosophy or physics and religion. Annual cohorts with kick-off event and annual "Thinkers conference" as project completion at the university of Münster. Promoted by the city of Münster and participating schools.  Homepage.