Past Projects

Women & MINT in the media. The project examines the presentation of women & MINT as well as women & physics in the context of the media coverage by means of content analysis. Roughly, a distinction can be made between a more quantitative level, which inquires about the frequency of occurrence of the subjects of investigation in the media, and a more qualitative level, on which the manner of reporting is of interest. The diversity of the media landscape is so big that a complete investigation does not seem possible. It is therefore necessary to focus on specific types of media. The project examines selected online editions of various daily and weekly newspapers according to specific criteria, thus bridging the gap between the classic medium of the daily paper and the new medium of the Internet. Project term: May 2017 – December 2019.

Digital Me. The interdisciplinary project carried out by MExLab ExperiMINT with the Department for Information Systems at the university of Münster aims to win young women for occupations and study courses in the IT sector with a browser-based, multimedia and gamified offering. The project is being funded by the BMBF as part of the strategies for equal opportunities for women in education and research. Project term: October 2016 – September 2019. Project homepage.

Light up your Life - For girls with brains. Research project to promote girls' interest in physics through light over a longer period of time. Experimentally based through workshops and industry-based through experimentation days in companies. 175 girls were involved in the project, which focused on "Women at the Top" within the framework of the funding area "Strategies for the Implementation of Equal Opportunities for Women in Education and Research" of the BMBF and "gender-specific issues in the scientific and technical field in the vocational orientation phase ". Project term: 2009 - 2012. Project homepage.

Girls Go 4 Green. The project, which is interdisciplinary in environmental science and environmental physics, is aimed at middle-grade girls and promoted competencies in the natural sciences and technology through the interdisciplinary environmental education theme "Energy and Climate". 90 girls were involved. It was funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU). Project term: August 2012 – December 2015. 

Nano4yourlife. This project within the framework of TRR61 was aimed at female secondary school pupils as well as female students until the second semester. In their own experimental investigations, they learned about current research and industrial applications in the field of nanotechnology in an interdisciplinary environment at the interface of physics, chemistry and biology. The aim of the project was to promote young talent in this field. The funding was provided by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Project term: July 2012 – June 2017. 

Woman of the Rings. This project for the promotion of women's participation in fine mechanical professions was aimed at pupils in the 8th and 9th years of primary, secondary and comprehensive schools. In the project together with the Münster Chamber of Crafts and the precision engineering laboratory at the university of Münster, 70 pupil developed jewelery by making use of precision mechanics and got to know professions with company partners. Sponsored by Sparkasse Münsterland Ost. Project term: March 2015 – February 2017. Project homepage.

Student projects with special attention to the MINT interests of girls

Highlights of physics. An experimental tent camp in front of the castle of Münster for pupils and the interested public. Funded by the BMBF and the Departments of Physics of the university of Münster and Physical Technologies of the university of applied science Münster. Coordinated with BMBF, DPG and ACS Consulting (Dr. Axel Carl). September 2017. Homepage.

Experiments in weightlessness. A project for the integration of a laboratory drop tower into experimental laboratory. Sponsored by Sparkasse Münsterland Ost. Project term: June 2012 – May 2013.

Lab to Venture. In this project, students were introduced to business thinking and acting in the sense of "Entrepreneurship Education" in cooperation with medium-sized companies of the region. The project in cooperation of MExLab Physik and GI@school was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Project term: January 2013 – June 2013.

Light Lab Box Holography. For the International Year of Light, MExLab ExperIMINTe developed a mobile class box on the topic of holography for physics lessons in middle and high school. The project was funded by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation. Project term: January 2015 – December 2015, since then self-supporting through contributions from schools. Homepage.

Laser light. Light in the tunnel. A public "citizen science" project in the context of the "showroom" of the city of Münster for the International Year of Light. Funded by the university of applied science Münster, the university of Münster, and the Alliance for Science Münster. Project term: January 2015 – December 2015.