Teaching in the field of gender equality and support for girls refers to authentic, participative, research-based learning in small groups, whereby active, workshop-like events dominate to promote scientific and technical self-confidence. The result are new teaching formats that have a workshop character and are closely interlinked with outreach formats.

Continuous teaching offer

Pupils lectures on laser, tools of light, vibrations and waves, holography, about 1-2 per year.

Since 2011 every year: Doors open for the mouse. An experimental day of action for children in physics on the 3rd of October of each year.

Participation at the Day of school physics at the WWU Münster  (since2009).

Organisation of the Girls Day at the Department of Physics at the WWU Münster (since 2003).

Participation at the University day for pupils at the WWU Münster (since 2002).

Participation at the Autumn academy in physics for pupils at the Department of Physics at the WWU Münster ; special offers for girls (since 2002).

Development of workshops in the school lab MExLab with gender-orientation to the topics gravitation and rotation, rockets and flies, as well as many topics of the research focus of the Department of Physics at the WWU Münster: optics, structure formation, natural phenomena, nanoworlds, nuclear and particle physics.

Explorative learning - projects

Creative workshop on the topic of  laser light. A citizen science workshop of MExLab Physik. April 2014.

Autumn academy for pupils, Anette von Droste Hülshoff high school Dülmen. Experiments for pupils at MExLab Physik, 06.11.2012, Dülmen.

Zwischen Wunsch und Peer-Group Druck: das Wahlverhalten von Mädchen in MINT-Bereichen
C. Denz
Lecture series "Geschlecht und Geschlechterverhältnisse in der wissenschaftlichen Analyse", Philosophische Fakultät, WWU Münster, winter semester 2010/2011, 28. Januar 2011, Münster.

Workshops for upper secondary school pupils, zdi-Ingenieurtag Region Münster 2010, 16. June 2010, Münster.

Projects for girls – project Light up your Life (BMBF, 2008 –2010): opening ceremony Light up your Life, May 2009, Münster as well as Workshops and Light-at Work events for girls, June - Dezember 2009, Münsterland. Project homepage.

Opening ot the student lab MExLab, February 2007. Homepage.

Experiments and Experimental Laboratory for Pupils, Exhibits on Nonlinear Physics as part of the Women Promotion Prize 2003.

Physikstudium für Mädchen
C. Denz
Event within the conference "Mut zu MINT", 04.-07. October 2001, Berlin.

Mädchen lernen Technik - Bau eines Radios
C. Denz, K. Friedrich, A. Samann, A. Paul-Kohlhoff
Seminar, Project day at Prälat-Diehl-School, February 1998, Groß Gerau.

Frauen schaffen Meilensteine - Leistungen von Physikerinnen von der Antike bis zur Neuzeit
C. Denz
Lectureship, Faculty of Physics at the Philipps University Marburg, summer semester 1994.

Von der Antike bis zur Neuzeit - der verleugnete Anteil der Frauen an der Physik
C. Denz et al.
Realisation of an exhibition, opening October 1993.

Vorbilder für Physikerinnen in der Geschichte der Physik
C. Denz
Lectureship at Darmstadt University of Technology, summer semester 1993.

Ursachen und Gründe für den geringen Frauenanteil in der Physik und verwandten Naturwissenschaften
C. Denz
Lectureship at Darmstadt University of Technology,  winter semester 1992/93.

Hinführung von Schülerinnen zu naturwissenschaftlichen Fächern - Maßnahmen zur Erhöhung des Frauenanteils in ingenieur- und naturwissenschaftlichen Studiengängen
C. Denz, K. Diegelmann
Conference for teachers at upper stage for physics, chemistry and mathematics, 27. September 1994, Hessisches Institut für Lehrerfortbildung, Jugenheim.

Modellprojekt Ingenieur- und Naturwissenschaften für Schülerinnen
C. Denz, K. Diegelmann
School trial with orientation opportunities for girls, parents and teachers, funded by the TH Darmstadt and the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art, summer semester 1994 and winter semester 1994/95.