The PROMOS student mobility programme of the DAAD

In 2011, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) launched the PROMOS mobility programme which awards scholarships to students to finance short-term (max. six months) study-abroad visits worldwide. Students of the University of Münster can submit their PROMOS application for specific study-related visits abroad directly to the University. The DAAD requires doctoral candidates applying for short-term and one-year scholarships, and students applying for one-year scholarships to submit their applications directly to the DAAD. The purpose of this mobility programme is to provide students the opportunity to complete a period of study abroad at destinations and for projects which are not otherwise fundable through structured programmes (e.g. Erasmus). Scholarship recipients are chosen by a faculty-internal selection committee.

Application info

The application round for projects (except internships) starting between January and June 2024 is closed. The next application round for projects (except internships) starting in July to December 2024 will start on 15.03.2024. The closing date for applications is 15.04.2024. Please use the following link to submit your application: PROMOS.

  • Application requirements

    To be eligible for a PROMOS scholarship, applicants:

    • must be enrolled at the University of Münster and remain enrolled for their entire stay abroad (in bachelor's, master's, Diplom, Magister, state examination programmes etc.; students enrolled in doctoral programmes can apply for funding through certain programmes (exceptions: language courses, specialist courses, study trips. For more information, see "Funding lines").

    Combining PROMOS funding with other scholarships

    • It is possible to combine PROMOS funding with other scholarships as long as these scholarships exclusively finance one's studies in Münster. Applicants must provide confirmation that their other scholarship providers do not cover foreign study-related expenses.
    • Scholarship holders should ask their scholarship provider whether it finances study visits abroad. Most public and private foundations provide scholarship funding for study visits abroad upon application.
    • The application must include a signed statement confirming the scholarship provider’s refusal to finance your study visit abroad (see Annex 1 of the PROMOS application form).
    • PROMOS scholarship holders are obliged to report PROMOS funding to other public German scholarship providers.
    • Double funding through Erasmus and PROMOS is not permitted.

    Multiple PROMOS scholarships

    Applicants who received a PROMOS scholarship earlier in their academic career (e.g. bachelor's programme) can apply for funding later in their studies (e.g. master's programme)
    Students may receive multiple PROMOS scholarships within one level of education (BA, MA, Diplom, state examination etc.) as long as the total funding period does not exceed six months.
    Foreign students are eligible for PROMOS funding if they intend to obtain their degree at the University of Münster.

  • Fundable measures

    The Faculty of Philology awards funding to cover the following expenditures:

    • Study visits, short visits to conduct dissertation work and research modules at universities/research institutes (one to six months)

    Scholarships can also be awarded for study visits which do not require attendance in regular courses at the host university (e.g. for dissertation work) and research modules (= research internships) for up to six months. Study visits to universities in Erasmus countries are only eligible for funding if no Erasmus agreement exists with the department/faculty in question. The only exception applies to students who have already received funding through an Erasmus agreement and have thus exhausted the available funds of the existing partnership.

    • Language courses (three weeks to six months)

    Students and doctoral candidates can apply for scholarships to attend language courses (minimum of 25 hours per week) at publicly funded foreign universities worldwide. As an exception, language courses can also be funded in the period between conferral of a bachelor’s degree and commencement of a master’s programme. In this case, funding is only granted on the condition that the student provides confirmation of admission to the master’s programme in question or an equivalent pledge of acceptance from the University of Münster.

    • Specialist courses (five days to six weeks)

    Students and doctoral candidates can receive funding to participate in specialist courses around the world, offered by foreign universities and research organisations. Unlike most programmes, funding can be awarded to candidates who have earned their bachelor’s degree and have not yet commenced their master’s programme. The prerequisite for funding in this case is that the student provides confirmation of admission to the master’s programme in question or an equivalent pledge of acceptance from the University of Münster. Summer school programmes at foreign universities are examples of fundable specialist courses. Participation at symposiums and conferences are not eligible for funding.

    • Travel expenses for participation at competitions (up to twelve days)

    A flat-rate allowance of up to twelve days can be granted to cover travel expenses for students and doctoral candidates who wish to participate at international student competitions or simulation events.

    • Study and group trips (e.g. excursions) (up to twelve days)

    A flat-rate allowance of up to twelve days per participant can be granted to cover the cost of study and group trips worldwide (min. of five participants). The instructor is responsible for organising the trip and applying for funding (see “Application procedures”). As of the funding year 2014, the organising instructor is no longer required to accompany the students on these trips.
    Please note: Due to the limited resources available for such activities, study trips organised at the Faculty of Philology are given secondary priority in comparison to other funding lines.

    Additional funding is available through the PROMOS funding programme which finances study visits abroad as part of work placements at international organisations, companies and schools. Students can apply for PROMOS scholarships at the Careers Service which is responsible for selecting scholarship recipients. For more information, visit the Careers Service website [de]

  • Scholarship amounts

    Depending on the specific programme line, the PROMOS scholarships awarded by the Faculty of Philology provide the following amounts of funding:

    • Scholarships for study visits, short research visits for dissertation work and research modules at universities/research organisations

      ... are based on the partial scholarship monthly instalments [de] prescribed by the DAAD (between 350 and 550 euros depending on the target country). Partial scholarship instalments can be awarded in part or for the entire duration of the visit, and under certain circumstances include fixed country-specific travel expense allowances [de], the amount of which is defined by the DAAD.
    • Scholarships for language courses

      ... lasting up to two months provide recipients with a one-time payment of 500 euros. For language courses longer than two months, the DAAD provides fixed, partial scholarship monthly instalments [de] which under certain circumstances can include a fixed country-specific travel expense allowance [de], the amount of which is defined by the DAAD.
    • Scholarships for specialist courses

      ... provide a one-time payment of 500 euros.
    • Study/group trips and trips to international competitions

      A flat-rate daily allowance is paid to participants of study/group trips and trips to international competitions. For trips to destinations in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Great Britain and Turkey, the flat-rate allowance is 30 euros per person/day, and for all other countries, 45 euros per person/day.

    Scholarship recipients with disabilities or chronic illness

    Scholarship holders with a degree of disability (GdB) of at least 50 or a chronic illness who participate in a mobility as part of the project funding can apply for special needs of up to 10,000 euros.


    • the costs are additional costs incurred abroad (costs that are exclusively related to the stay abroad) and other institutions do not grant support.

    Evidence required for an application:

    • Refusal of cost coverage by the health insurance fund or supplementary insurance.
    • Copy of severely disabled person's identity card
    • For persons with a chronic illness: medical certificate describing the medical requirements
    • Additional documents explaining the necessity and appropriateness of the increased expenses.

    Please note:

    • Due to the high number of applications, scholarship funding allocated to finance foreign study visits is generally far less than the maximum funding amount. In most cases, the faculties are responsible for determining the amount of each scholarship (i.e. whether travel expenses and/or monthly partial scholarships, and/or course fee allowances are included). For study visits arranged on the basis of university partnerships and work placements, funding is awarded by a selection committee at the International Office and the Careers Service, respectively.
    • Foreign study BAföG grants (Auslands-BAföG): candidates may receive monthly financial aid of up to 300 euros without deduction.


  • Application procedures and deadlines

    The complete application (for the list of required documents, visit the PROMOS pages of the International Office) must be submitted online (you can find the link on In addition, the signed registration form must be sent by email to This form is automatically generated in the portal after the application has been submitted and must then be printed out, signed and scanned and sent by email. Alternatively, the registration form can also be signed digitally after it has been generated in the portal.


    • Study/group trips (e.g. excursions):

    It is not necessary for each participant to submit an individual application. The organising instructor is responsible for submitting the application by the given deadline which must include details regarding how many intend to participate (without names).
    The application should also include the following information:
        - Is the trip thematically related to a research project?
        - Detailed description of the planned programme (please attach invitations from the host institutions and academics (if applicable), with whom meetings have been planned in the target country)
        - (Anonymous) description of the participants (degree programme, study phase)
        - To what extent is the excursion embedded in the curriculum? Will any preparation or follow-up work take place at the University of Münster? Will it be supervised/accompanied in any other way?
    In the case that funding is approved, the instructor is required to submit individual documents to be completed by the participants (application form and declaration of insurance cover) approximately six weeks before departure.

    • Applications for work placement scholarships must be submitted to the Careers Service at the University of Münster (c/o Ruth Elsinger).

    After a preliminary review of the applications, they are forwarded to the PROMOS representative in the corresponding faculties for further review and selection. In the Faculty of Philology (FB 09), the PROMOS committee of the Study Advisory Council [de] !!! is responsible for selecting the scholarship recipients. The candidates are notified of the committee’s decision approximately two months following the application deadline.

    Application deadlines:

    •     15 October (for visits beginning between January and June of the following year)
    •     15 April (for visits beginning between July and December)

    ATTENTION: Application deadlines vary for work placement scholarship funding!
    Please visit the website of the Careers Service [de] for more information.

    Detailed information about PROMOS, scholarship application modalities and all additional documents required for applications are provided on the website of the International Office.
    PROMOS at the University of Münster

    Information on work placement funding through PROMOS is provided by the Careers Service.
    PROMOS work-placement funding [de]

  • Contact and consultation

    General advice in the preliminary stages of application:

    Sorjana Eickenberg
    Advice on studying abroad
    Schlossgarten 3, Raum 206
    Tel: +49 251 83-21510

    Consultation hours: Monday, 2 pm - 4 pm (by telephone)
    Individual and group counselling by appointment

    Current applications:

    Tobias Kulakowski
    PROMOS administration
    Schlossgarten 3, Raum 213
    Tel: +49 251 83-24751

    Questions on work placements (internships):

    Dr. Christiane Stroth
    Career Service
    Schlossgarten 3, Room 137
    Tel.: +49 251 83-30070

    PROMOS representative at the Faculty of Philology:

    Dr. Monique Nagel-Angermann
    Faculty of Philology
    Schlaunstr. 2 (Visitors: Rosenstr. 9)
    48143 Münster
    Phone: +49 251 83-29823

Information as of 24 March2023