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Obligatory student course evaluations in the winter semester 2023/24

The obligatory student course evaluations were handed out and completed between 08 and 21 January 2024. The results were analysed and forwarded to the respective instructors, who then discussed them with the students in the corresponding courses until 02.02.24. The compiled results (as of 15.03.24) can be viewed by members of the University by clicking the menu heading “Results”.


Under the menu heading "Results [de]", you can view the results of the student course evaluations from the past eight semesters (in German only). The results are published in accordance with the Faculty Board recommendations on student course evaluations [de; pdf] (in compliance with the provisions of the Act on the Future of Higher Education (HZG NRW) and the Evaluation Regulations of the University of Münster).

Please note: Only members of the University of Münster are permitted to view the course evaluation results.

In addition to the student course evaluations, the Faculty also administers a questionnaire for beginning students at the start of every winter semester. To view the publicly accessible results of the questionnaire for beginning students and for more information, click the menu heading "Other quality assurance measures".

Legal basis

The Act of Higher Education (HG NRW) and the Constitution of the University of Münster call for regular evaluation of the tasks carried out by the University particularly in the areas of research and teaching. The technical, academic and non-academic staff and the students are obliged to lend their support to achieving this objective. The basis for the concrete evaluatory measures are defined in detail in the following regulations and guidelines passed by the University Senate, as well as the "Recommendations on Student Course Evaluations" passed by the Faculty Board.

Evaluation Regulations (2019) [de, pdf]

Faculty Board recommendations on student course evaluations (2009) [de, pdf]

Guidelines for research and teaching evaluations (2007) [de, pdf]


Data protection

Data Protection Guidelines (annex to the Evaluation Regulations of 2019) [de, pdf]

Privacy statement for teachers in the context of the course evaluation (2019) [de, pdf]

Data protection for students as part of the course evaluation (2019) [en, pdf]