Additional measures at the Faculty

  • Accreditation and re-accreditation

    Requesting accreditation of individual degree programmes has become a standard quality assurance procedure at most German universities. Department 1.4 (Quality of University Teaching) is the central unit responsible for overseeing accreditation measures at the University of Münster.

    Further information on accreditation and re-accreditation

  • Module evaluation

    Student course evaluations cannot serve as the sole basis for structural evaluation of courses or individual curricula. Consequently, the Faculty of Philology frequently administers additional questionnaires as needed in order to analyse the extent of which the learning goals of various programmes are being achieved.

  • External evaluations (Evalag, national and international Rankings)

    An external evaluation is carried out every five to seven years, the first of which was administered to all faculties in 2007/2008. The three-phase procedure consists of a self-evaluation by each subject or academic unit, an external evaluation by expert assessors, and the conclusion of target and performance agreements with the Rectorate.

    More information on the use of evaluation procedures [de]

    National and international Rankings:
    The University of Münster promotes quality assurance by using the results of different university rankings. The results serve to help University administrators analyse the academic and teaching conditions together with the departments.

    Position of the University of Münster in rankings (Shanghai, Leiden, DFG,...)

    Position of the University of Münster in the ranking of CHE


  • Questionnaire for beginning students

    Every winter semester since 2011/12, the Faculty of Philology administers a special questionnaire targeted at beginning students. The questionnaire was initiated by the Student Affairs Manager of the Faculty of Philology.

    Please visit our German-language homepage to see the results (PDFs in German only).

  • Graduate survey

    With regard to re-accrediting new degree programmes, the University of Münster along with some 40 other universities and the International Centre for Higher Education Research – Kassel (INCHER –Kassel) established the Kassel Graduate Study Network (Netzwerk Absolventenstudien Kassel). In cooperation with INCHER, the participating universities launched the "The Graduate Survey Cooperation Project" (KOAB). This project aims to survey all graduates on their academic success and career start one year after completing their studies.

    Further information on the graduate survey [de]