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New article "Energy production from biomass"

Energy production from biomass, in contrast to other renewable energies such as wind power and photovoltaics, can make a real contribution to more species protection in our fields - with high-yielding wild plant mixtures as an alternative to maize. In the GrünSchatz project, the Ecological Planning in Cultivation Trials WG has been conducting accompanying research on this form of crop for several years. In the article now published by Andreas Kinser and Sabine Paltrinieri, new results on economic efficiency and acceptance as well as on ecological benefits are presented. To the article
The article is published in a conference volume that you can order from the German Wildlife Foundation at the following link:

Esther I. Dörendahl: Boundary Work for Collaborative Water Resources Management: Conceptual and Empirical Insights from a South African Case Study’

Water is a basis for life and ecosystem health. And water, especially in regions affected by water scarcity, is a highly contested and politicised natural resource. The state-of-the-art in sustainable water resources management requires collaborative approaches that foster the integration of conflicting interests of multiple stakeholders. Achieving integration in complex and contested real life situations however remains a major challenge. Boundary work can facilitate this ambitious goal. This study evolves boundary work science to improve collaboration in the water sector. It develops a framework for boundary work that enables understanding, structuring and approaching barriers for collaborative water resources management. A case study from the Garden Route region, South Africa gives a grounded basis for the conceptual developments and further provides in-depth insights into reasons and obstacles for collaborative water resources management in a contested local case. The case study serves both: An intrinsic analysis of a conflictive case, and conceptual developments to the boundary work framework – tested against local realities.

The publication can be downloaded for free from the following website: /Publizieren/dienstleistungen/schriftenreihe/neuerscheinungen.html#doerendahl or directly via: It can also be ordered via book trade.

Peak Oil Münster


The oil age is inevitably coming to an end and the question of our industrial society's dependence on such central resources as oil is more topical than ever. Local answers are needed that deal creatively and creatively with the global challenges and increase the quality of life by conserving resources.

The research project initiated by students in the winter semester 2012/13 at the University of Münster is the basis for this Peak Oil Report and an excellent starting point for further research and follow-up projects. Both in Münster and NRW and throughout Germany. It was awarded by the German UNESCO section as an individual contribution to the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and represents a method of participatory, interdisciplinary and open research that wants to be carried forward!

Peak Oil Report (Book in German)
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