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Münster Climate Talks - Air travel, climate crisis and the question of responsibility

Under the title "Above the clouds ... air travel, our individual freedom and the responsibility of politics" the Münster Climate Talks will start on September 24, at 7:30 pm in the assembly hall of the KSHG (Frauenstraße 3-6) from the corona-related break:

Even though international passenger traffic had collapsed abruptly since mid-March due to the pandemic travel restrictions and then resumed only very slowly, the topic remains topical and can be transferred to other areas of life. "Regardless of whether it's a question of meat consumption, electricity consumption or our vacation habits: In many climate debates, the question of where and to whom we unload the responsibility for more climate protection crops up again and again," says Michael Tillmann, who coordinates the climate talks for the supporting group. Using the example of air travel, the relationship between what individuals and politicians are responsible for will be considered and discussed. Should we restrict ourselves voluntarily? Or should politicians ensure that the real environmental costs and the climate impact of air travel are fully reflected in the price of air tickets? And should politics help to ensure that air traffic returns to the same level as before the Corona crisis as soon as possible? Questions like these make for an exciting evening.

guests and discussion partners are: Uli Ahlke (former head of the Steinfurt district environmental office and chairman of the association "How do we want to live"), Steffen Lambrecht, (Fridays for Future, Münster) as well as Andreas Vieth (Philosophy Seminar of the WWU Münster). Simone Mattstedt (Center for Teacher Training of the WWU) will moderate the seminar. Admission is free.

Registration is required at info@umweltforum-muenster.de.

The sponsors of the climate talks are Advisory Board for Municipal Development Cooperation Münster, the Evangelische Forum e.V., the Climate Initiative Münster, the Umweltforum Münster, the Volkshochschule Münster, the Center for Interdisciplinary Sustainability Research of the WWU and the regional group of Scientists for Future.