Professor Doris Fuchs in conversation with Deutschlandfunk Kultur

 Last Friday, Professor Fuchs commented on the publication of the Pope's book "Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future." The book, consisting of interviews with Pope Francis, addresses the extent to which the Corona pandemic represents an opportunity for change toward a more just world. In the interview, Professor Fuchs points out, among other things, that religious actors such as the Pope can also have an impact on politics. In this case, the Pope's contribution should be seen on the one hand as part of the discourse and the perception of the topic, and on the other hand as an opportunity to confront politicians with the ideas of the book and to measure them against them. In addition, the current research project "Religion as a Resource in European and International Climate Policy" was presented in this context.
The conversation is available in the audio archive of Deutschlandfunk Kultur (in German).