New blog about conflicts and natural resources

Be it minerals, land, water, forests or pastures: all over the world, peasants, indigenous people, pastoralists, or urban dwellers, but also political and economic elites claim access to natural resources. Furthermore, global climate change reinforces the struggle over renewable resources, as do various kinds of land, green or even blue grabs and increasing population growth. But how exactly do these conflicts arise, how are they pursued and how can they be solved?

In order to search for answers to this questions, Anne Hennings, research fellow of ZIN-spokeswoman Prof.’in Doris Fuchs, recently co-founded the blog “Resources and Conflict” in cooperation with three other scholars. It is linked to the working group “Nature – Resources – Conflicts” of the German Association for Peace and Conflict Studies (AFK) and aims at providing space to aspects that have been neglected so far. Theoretical contradictions as well as challenges for field research will be dealt with, in order to allow for an interdisciplinary dialogue.

The blog is open to a wide range of issues, video projects or photo-essays. Further information on how to submit an article can be found here. [Source: “Resources & Conflict”]