International researchers further explore the concept of consumption corridors

At the MMM 2017, an international group of scholars – among them ZIN-spokeswoman Prof.’in Doris Fuchs - assembled at the University of Muenster again, to further explore the concept of sustainable consumption corridors as a basis for the urgently needed sustainability transformation. Consumption corridors provide a strategy to integrate the pursuit of a good life, justice and sustainable development in the context of ecological and social limits. Such consumption corridors would be defined by minimum consumption standards allowing every individual to live a good life, and maximum standards guaranteeing access to sufficient resources (in terms of quantity and quality) for others, both in the present and the future.The group is currently finalizing a book manuscript on the topic.

For further information about the concept of sustainable consumption corridors, please find here an article written by Doris Fuchs and Antonietta Di Giulio on pages 14-24.

[Source: Fuchs, Doris; Di Giulio, Antonietta. 2016. ‘Consumption corridors and social justice: exploring the limits.’ In: Sustainable Consumption and Social Justice in a Constrained World, edited by Lorek S., Vadovics E. (Eds.): , 14-24. Budapest: SCORAI-Europe.]