Münster will be climate-neutral in 2050 thanks to its citizens' participation

In 2050, Münster will be a climate-neutral city – at least, this is the goal of the project “Masterplan-Kommunen 100% Klimaschutz”. In order to achieve this objective, a development path for the city will be worked out until June 2017, aiming at decreasing the consumption of resources and energy while keeping life satisfaction on a high level. Different actors are making contributions to the development path: A group of experts, including ZIN-spokeswoman Prof.’in Doris Fuchs, gathered in December to discuss ways to lower emissions in different areas, such as mobility or housing.

Today, a kick-off event in the historical city hall of Münster opens up a six-day Citizens’ Forum on Climate Protection (“Bürgerforum Münster Klimaschutz 2050”). The Forum includes numerous events and workshops targeting on the creation of visions and projects helping to make Münster climate-neutral. Citizens who are interested in making a contribution to CO2 reductions in Münster are welcome to participate.

All events of the Citizens’ Forum are listed in the program (in German only)

[Source: Website of the city of Münster regarding climate protection 2050]