Colloquium for junior researchers working on sustainable development, cross-sectoral partnerships and sustainability standards

The Münster Junior Researchers Colloquium on Sustainability Governance aims to bring together international young scholars and academics focusing on sustainability governance. On the 12th of July 2017 a workshop will be held with Professor Pieter Glasbergen from Maastricht University. Convened by the TRANS SUSTAIN research group, this event is funded by the smartNETWORK and free of charge.
During the one-day workshop our aim is to provide young international scholars with an opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing research. The participation of the invited Professor Glasbergen will allow for an up-to-date theoretical discussion on these topics. Young scholars will also benefit from a two-hour workshop on methodological choices in PhD research. For those who wish to attend the workshop, we encourage the submission of working papers on related topics.

Please find further information in this document.