General Overview

The Academic Standard Service Program for Academic Site License contract provides the option for undergraduate students to install and activate software on their personal computers for learning purposes. This is referred to as the Student Install Option.

  • LabVIEW Student Install Option
    Included with the Academic Site License: LabVIEW Option. It activates LabVIEW and a majority of Toolkits and Modules for a vast array of engineering and scientific applications. For further details, what specific software is included, please consult the NI website.

Activating the Software

The software may only be activated by eligible students from the Biology, Chemistry/Pharmacy and Physics departments of the WWU. To check eligibility, please access the website with the LabVIEW serial number. The serial number is good for the duration of the one year maintenance contract and will be replaced every year.

Access the LabVIEW serial number.