ChemDraw Academic Site Subscription

An Academic Site Subscription is a way for academic institutions to provide PerkinElmer Informatics software to everyone at their school for a fraction of the price of purchasing individual copies. Moreover, everyone associated with the school is eligible to use the software under the terms of the license, be they professors, post-docs, graduate students, undergrads, or other associates.

Annual Academic Site Subscription Includes

  • Unlimited copies of most recent version of the software licensed.
  • A PerkinElmer Informatics web page from which the software can be freely downloaded.
  • The ability to install software for unlimited use on all computers owned by the school or owned by anyone with an email address at the school.
  • Functioning of the software for a period of one year after the license is purchased.
  • All corrective software updates, as well as new version upgrades, released during the term of the license. (Maintenance contract required)
  • Electronic documentation via pdf files.
  • Technical support via email and electronic documentation via pdf files.

Software Availability

The Academic Annual Site Subscriptions at WWU Münster includes ChemDraw Professional. This is not a restricted version of the software, but the full, most recent version of the product. In addition, there are no usage restrictions for the software. Anyone associated with WWU Münster is entitled to install and use the software during the period of the license. Counting every student taking any chemistry class, we expect that most schools will have hundreds or even thousands of people interested in using this software just for their classwork-not even counting the professors and others who need it for their own research work.

To check if you are eligible and download the software, please visit this link.