• C02 Homological algebra for stable ∞-categories

    The goal of this project is to study the emerging area of homological algebra for stable infinity-categories. Concretely the major objective of this project is to study non-commutative motives as introduced by Blumberg–Gepner–Tabuada and the homotopy theory of chain complexes of stable infinity-categories that will be developed as part of the project, following up on pioneering work of Dyckerhoff. Moreover, we will explore the notion of a stable (infinity,infinity)-category and the corresponding higher version of spectra, which will besides its general importance also be relevant in setting up a rigid higher version of Quinn’s Ad-theories.


  • Project Leaders & Staff

    Project Leader
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Nikolaus
    Edith Hübner
    Dr. Achim Krause
    Dr. Devarshi Mukherjee
    apl. Prof. Dr. Jörg Schürmann
    Dr. Iuliia Semikina