• B01 Curvature and Symmetry

    The question of how far geometric properties of a manifold determine its global topology is a classical problem in global differential geometry. Building on recent breakthroughs we investigate this problem for positively curved manifolds with torus symmetry. We also want to complete the classification of positively curved cohomogeneity one manifolds and obtain structure results for the fundamental groups of nonnegatively curved manifolds. Other goals include structure results for singular Riemannian foliations in nonnegative curvature and a differentiable diameter pinching theorem.

  • Project Leaders & Staff

    Project Leaders
    PD Dr. Michael Wiemeler
    Prof. Dr. Burkhard Wilking
    Jakob Dittmer
    Dr. Anusha Krishnan
    Dr. Dennis Wulle
    Dr. Masoumeh Zarei