• A04 New cohomology theories for arithmetic schemes

    We develop, study and compute certain global cohomology theories for schemes. These cohomology theories may be viewed as deformations of ‘classical’ cohomology theories over mixed characteristic or over the sphere spectrum. For example, de Rham–Witt cohomology is a deformation of de Rham cohomology over mixed characteristic. Topological Hochschild homology is a deformation of ordinary Hochschild homology over the sphere spectrum. The motivation for the project is to use these cohomology theories to attack deep problems in algebra, topology and arithmetic geometry. Our most ambitious application concerns zeta functions.


  • Project Leaders & Staff

    Project Leaders
    Prof. Dr. Christopher Deninger
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Nikolaus
    Konrad Bals
    Edith Hübner
    Dr. Achim Krause
    Judith Lutz
    Dr. Devarshi Mukherjee
    Dr. Catherine Ray