• A02 Moduli spaces of p-adic Galois representations


    p-adic Galois representations in finite Zp-modules are equivalent to (phi,Gamma)-modules for Qp. In this project, we develop the theory of (phi,Gamma)-modules further in the direction of finite extensions of Qp and their function field analogues. We will also use (phi,Gamma)-modules to construct moduli spaces of p-adic Galois representations. We aim to decompose special fibres on these moduli spaces into cycles in a way that mirrors multiplicity formulas in representation theory.

  • Project Leaders & Staff

    Prof. Dr. Urs Hartl
    Prof. Dr. Eugen Hellmann
    Prof. Dr. Peter Schneider
    Dr. Damien Junger
    Alexander Kutzim
    Prokudina, Anastasia