MEET Battery Research Center – innovative, international, interdisciplinary


Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology (MEET) at the University of Münster is one of the foremost battery research centres in Germany. Internationally, we are one of the main drivers of top-level research in the fields of battery materials, cells and electrochemistry. The aim which our research facility has is to develop sustainable, high-performance batteries for the future and to make a decisive contribution to advancing battery cell production in Europe. In the work they are engaged in, our team of around 140 researchers at MEET Battery Research Center are responding to the steadily increasing demands being made on batteries as a form of energy storage – for example through electromobility, the expansion of renewable energies, smart building technology or the debate surrounding air taxis. At the same time, our team of researchers are pioneering new areas of application for batteries of the future.

“Our research covers the entire value cycle for batteries: from analytics and the development of new or improved materials to battery cell production and the recycling of energy storage devices.”
Prof. Dr. Martin Winter, Scientific Lead
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Trendsetting Impulses in Battery Research

The work done at the MEET Battery Research Center covers the optimization of the proven, market-dominating lithium-ion technology, the further development of other materials, and promising new approaches such as solid-state batteries. Read more

Step by step from the raw material to the finished battery cell – insights into the pilot plant production line for different cell types at MEET Battery Research Center.