Events – looking forward to talk to you!

There are various interactive events in a range of formats which offer opportunities to get to know us and our research on sustainable batteries of the future. Current dates can be found in our online events listing.

  • MEET Academy Online

    The MEET Academy, which takes place regularly, is devoted to a changing series of issues currently of interest in the battery world. Usually twice a year, speakers from the worlds of science and industry discuss a major topic, thereby facilitating a first-hand transfer of knowledge and technology.

    Representatives from the fields of technology, science and research are welcome, as, especially, are any businesspeople with an interest. The MEET Academy provides small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in particular with an opportunity to join in discussions between the worlds of industry and research. Against a backdrop of the energy turnaround and the expansion of electromobility, there are interesting new lines of business opening up for SMEs – business with a potential that is not always apparent at first sight. The MEET Academy also provides numerous opportunities for visitors to widen their own networks. The event in German language is free of charge to visitors.

    We will be happy to add you to our email distribution list, which provides regular information on our program of events and registration deadlines, as well as on other events organized by MEET Battery Research Center. Just send an informal email to with the subject line: “Please add to email distribution list for MEET Academy”

  • Advanced Battery Power – International Conference

    The Advanced Battery Power conference provides an excellent platform for presenting research work and results in the field of battery technology to a wider specialist audience. This international symposium is a meeting place for representatives from companies, research institutes, universities, as well as for individual participants, where they can all discuss the latest findings along the entire supply chain of batteries. Leading names from battery research and development, and from the battery industry, talk about the current state of research, as well as presenting energy storage solutions. Discussions focus not only on specific fields of application, but also on innovative materials and new types of battery systems.

    The conference is interdisciplinary, cross-sector and international and, together with the preceding Battery Day NRW, it represents a highlight in the battery industry both in Germany and in Europe as a whole.

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    MEET Battery Research Center at the University of Münster organizes this established conference jointly with the Haus der Technik in Essen, Helmholtz Institute Münster (Forschungszentrum Jülich) and the Institute of Power Electronics and Electrical Devices (ISEA) at the RWTH University Aachen. Münster and Aachen have alternated as conference sites since 2009. The next Advanced Battery Power conference will take place in Aachen on 2 and 3 April 2025.

  • Battery Day NRW – Look into Practice

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    Lithium-ion batteries in electromobility, stationary storage systems for renewable energies or quality management in battery cell production: the Battery Day NRW provides insights into the battery technologies and applications currently on the market. Companies and institutions from North Rhine-Westphalia stage an exhibition providing a direct view of what is happening in practice. Essen’s Haus der Technik organizes the event in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The next Battery Day NRW will take place in Aachen on 1 April 2025.

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Presence at conferences and fairs

MEET researchers regularly attend scientific conferences and congresses in order to exchange the latest research results and insights.

Meet us too at national and international fairs, where MEET Battery Research Center discusses topics and trends relating to battery research and battery cell production and also talks about issues relevant to the future. Our online events listing shows you which fairs you can find us at.

Young people at the microscope

Events for young people and children

MEET Battery Research Center regularly extends a warm welcome to young researchers. Events in a variety of formats give senior school students in particular an opportunity to see for themselves what is necessary for smartphones to have enough energy to run on, and how the batteries of the future will be developed. Anyone interested will find numerous offers providing a close-up look not only at jobs in the field of chemistry, but also at the everyday working lives of battery researchers.