Future Battery Research - Events for young people and children

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They’re everywhere, and constantly in use: smartphones, laptops, digicams, games consoles – and all of them only work thanks to efficient batteries. But what exactly happens inside these batteries? And, in particular, how can they be made even more efficient and at the same time more eco-friendly? We have events in a variety of formats, aimed at young people and children, which provide answers to these questions, and we show them the everyday working lives of battery researchers. We love to share our enthusiasm for chemistry, physics and engineering, and young people can take a close-up look at possible careers in battery research. Exact dates can all be found in our online events listing.

  • School Students’ Days – from theory to practice

    Out of the classroom and straight into the lab: on two days a year – in February and September – we invite senior school students in advanced chemistry classes to come and get to know MEET and gain practical insights into the work of our researchers. After a guided tour trough our labs, the students can carry out little experiments by themselves using ultra-modern equipment.

    The date for the next School Students’ Day has not yet been fixed.  Teachers who would like to be informed as soon as registration is possible, please send us an email. If you are then interested in bringing your students to MEET, please send us email as well.

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    Please give us the following information:

    • The date of the School Students’ Day you wish to attend (if the date is already given online)
    • Preferred time (8.30 am – 10.45 am, 11.00 am – 1.15 pm, 2.00 pm – 4.15 pm)
    • Prospective number of students
    • Level of class (basic course or advanced course)
    • Have you already covered the subject of electrochemistry in lessons?

  • University Day – Studying at University of Münster and MEET

    Thinking of studying at Münster? Find out what courses the University of Münster provides and what the city can offer students – at the Münster University Day, where you can listen to information talks, join students at lectures and seminars and participate in live experiments. At MEET you learn why battery research is so important for our society, especially with climate change in mind. We’ll also take you on a guided tour through our ultra-modern laboratories. The next Münster University Day is planned for 11 November 2021.

  • Vocational Training Days – MEET as Training Company

    You still don't know what you want to do after school? Then we have just the perfect opportunity for you. At our Vocational Training Days we give you detailed and practical information on training in office management or on becoming a chemical laboratory technician. To this end, you’ll be a member of our team for a day, working side by side with our researchers, with opportunities to ask anything you like. Students from all types of schools are very welcome to come and get to know MEET at these Vocational Training Days, which take place once or twice a year in collaboration with the City of Münster.

  • WWF 2° Campus Student Academy – Research to combat climate change

    Working together to combat climate change! At the 2°Campus, school students between the ages of 15 and 19 meet to work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The campus is organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and it not only gives researchers-to-be insights into the current state of research, but also enables them to take a hands-on approach and work as equals with climate researchers. MEET’s researchers contribute their expertise in supporting the groups and carrying out pioneering experiments with them in our labs. The 2°Campus 2021 is currently running. The applications phase for the 2022 event will start in September 2021.

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  • Girls’ Day – Women in research

    There’s a concentration of girl power on Girls’ Day, when we invite girls from class 5 upwards to come and take a look at battery research and discover for themselves the wide range of careers in the field of chemistry. For one whole day the girls accompany our researchers in their work. The aim of Girls’ Day, which is held all across Germany, is to spark girls’ interest in sectors such as IT, skilled crafts and trades, natural sciences and technology, in which women have rarely been working up to now. The next Girls’ Day will be held on 28 April 2022.

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  • Open Day Chemistry – Discover the chemical industry

    Every day we use products which don’t show that they’re full of complex chemistry – for example, smartphones, cars, LED lights, medicines, paints and detergents. Children, young people and adults of all ages can discover just how many facets the chemical industry has – at the Open Day Chemistry, which is held every year in September. Numerous companies and research institutes, as well as the chemical institutes at the University of Münster, open their doors on this day to young and old alike. A guided tour through the MEET laboratories provides a wide-ranging view of battery research at one of the leading institutes in Germany.

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    “Mouse” Open Day – Children take a look behind the scenes

    Based on the popular German TV programme “The Show with the Mouse”, with its educational “laughing and learning stories” for children between 5 and 10 years of age, companies and research institutes all over Germany – including the MEET Battery Research Center – open their doors every year on 3 October to let children take a look behind the scenes at what goes on there. Further information and a registration form can be found on the Mouse Open Day website, as soon as it becomes available.

  • MExLab Physics – Discovering science in hands-on experiments

    Discovering the world of science by doing your own experiments – this is exactly what the MExLab Physics at the University of Münster enables schoolchildren to do. Here, in this permanent exhibition with more than 20 exhibits, schoolchildren can slip into the role of researchers and, in interactive guided tours, they learn what scientists in the fields of physics and chemistry are currently working on. They can also discover, on their own, phenomena which form the basis of the work done at the MEET Battery Research Center.