Application for an internship abroad

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In the following you will find all the important information about the application process.

Click here to find a PDF with the conditions and deadlines for applying for an internship at one of our ZfL partner schools abroad: internship abroad

We always keep the conditions and deadline list as up-to-date as possible. If you would like to know the current application situation for each school, please check our main page reagularly: Current news

  • Step 1: Consultation and counselling

    In order for us to be able to recommend you to our foreign partners, it is a prerequisite that you introduce yourself personally to us before submitting your application. To do this, please contact us, briefly describe your key data and make an appointment for an information and consultation meeting. The content of the meeting is organizational details about your planned stay abroad and, of course, any open questions you may have. In order to be able to use the time frame optimally, it is important that you have previously familiarized yourself with the information contained on our website (as far as relevant to you):

    a) Possible countries and schools: internship abroad

    b) Possible types of internships: types of stay

    c) Organization and financing: planning of stay

    d) Application process: see the following tabs on this page

    Contact: Adeline Weinberg
    Individual appointments after prior arrangement by email:

  • Step 2: Application portfolio

    In most cases, the application is forwarded from the ZfL to the ZfL cooperation partners. That is, you compile your application and send it to us for forwarding it to your desired school or university

    Please consult the following documents to see what is required for applying to a ZfL partner institution: Checklist (PDF)
    (deviating from this: GESS (Singapore), Amity Institute (USA) and Viken County (Norway) - see here: cooperation partners)

    To be submitted together with the application (asseparate files):
    Commitment declaration (PDF)
    Data protection declaration (PDF)

    Attention: The following template must be used for the practical semester abroad:
    Letter of recommendation PSiA (PDF)

    The better your application, the higher the chance of being forwarded and accepted! Find out here what a good application should look like: How do I write a good application? (PDF)

    You can use the following template for the reference letter (s): Letter of recommendation (PDF)

    How many schools can I apply for at the same time?
    You can apply for up to three schools in a period, in this case we ask you to give us a sequence of priorities. Please be aware that if you are accepted by the first school, you will soon have to take a decision as to whether you accept the offer or not. You usually have a week for this decision. It may occur that you have to make a binding decision for or against a place without having received feedback from all the schools yet. So it is important that you only apply to shools you are willing to accept. If you would like to apply to several schools, please write a separate application file for each school with all the necessary attachments (see checklist).

    Please also note that you are generally only allowed to apply in accordance with the type of school. This means that anyone who studies G can only apply to primary schools and anyone who studies HRSGe can apply to all types of schools and anyone who studies GyGe or BK can only apply to secondary schools. Cp. information in the "Overview of ZfL partner schools" - option B .

  • Step 3: From the application to the internship

    After both the school and you have approved the internship, we need a formal written confirmation from you. For this, please complete the following document, then sign it and send it back to us: Declaration of acceptance (PDF)

    The following graph gives you a rough overview of the process from the application to the end of the internship:

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  • Step 4: After the internship

    In order to be able to provide the best possible advice and information, we need your support after your internship:

    1. Evaluation: Please fill out the following document and send it back to us - evaluation form
    2. Documentation: The documentation of your impressions on site is of great importance both for our advice and (if you agree) for passing it on to subsequent interested parties and is therefore mandatory. For orientation:
    • Content focus of the article: Whether it is an overall summary or a focus on a topic (school, culture, tips & tricks, finding accommodation, etc.) - it is completely up to you! But: If there were other students from Münster at the school besides you, then please share the aspects among yourselves or submit them together.
    • Format of the contribution: Whether it's a classic experience report in text form, illustrated Power Point format, photo collage (note image rights!), poster or blog post for Hinterm Horizont - we're happy about everything!
    • In order for us to publish your documentation and pass it on to interested parties, we need your consent (exception: blog post). To do this, please submit the following form to us together with the documentation: Author declaration

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