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Study abroad and foreign internships

As a teaching degree candidate, you can take advantage of many opportunities to broaden your pedagogical and intercultural expertise by working or studying abroad. And our offer is constantly growing! So please stop by regularly (if necessary, refresh the page with F5): Cooperation partners

A foreign study visit or internship can offer you fresh insights into different academic systems and learning cultures. Seize the opportunity to develop your personality and expand your horizons – the world is your oyster!

Current news

  • New partner schools!

    Recently added to our program:


    • Rwanda: Montessori School The Earth School (Kigali)
    • Cameroon: Dreisprachige deutsche Schule Jaunde (Jaunde)
    • South Africa: Deutsche Schule Durban (Durban)

    Middle East:

    • Turkey: Ernst Reuter Schule (Ankara)
    • Qatar: Deutsche Internationale Schule Doha (Doha)

    South America:

    • Peru: Colegio peruano alemán Deutsche Schule Max Uhle (Arequipa)

    You can find information about these and many other schools here: Cooperation partners

  • Current recommendations: First half of 2022

    The application process for internships in England and Ireland in the first half of 2022 has been completed. So there will only be vacant internship positions in Great Britain from September 2022. Application deadline: March 15, 2022.

    There are currently enough places at most other schools. Places are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    The tenders with more detailed information on the individual schools can be found here: Cooperation partners
    Please also note (where applicable) our  deadline list. You can find it here: Application process

    (last update: Sep 16, 2021)

  • Praxissemester abroad 09/2022

    International experience in the school field is also useful and valuable for students in the practical semester. Cultural diversity and an insight into different educational and school systems contribute to professional career development and broaden the perspective for schools and teaching in Germany. Therefore, the Center for Teacher Education has established the Praxissemester abroad as an option for all teacher training students. Anyone interested in the 09/2022 round can get advice from us (step 1) and, if interested, then apply (step 2):

    • Application deadline: 15 Mar, 2022. If you are interested, arrange a consultation as soon as possible: internationales.zfl@uni-muenster.de
    • Prerequisite: enrollment in the master’s degree up to the registration deadline for the Praxissemester
    • Application process: Same as all other internships. Further information here: Application (there in particular the checklist).
    • Possible schools:
      • GyGe: Farlingaye High School (Woodbridge), Lycée Clémenceau (Montpellier), Colegio Alemán Zaragoza (Zaragoza), maybe Norwich School (Norwich), maybe Europa School UK (Oxfordshire)
      • G and HRSGe: Hatcham Temple Grove (London), Judith Kerr Primary School (London) and Heworth Primary School (York), Cuan na Gaillimhe Nationa School (Galway).  All of these are primary schools, but interested HRSGe students are also very welcome. The primary school in England includes grades 1 to 6.
      • BK: East Norfolk Sixth Form College (Gorleston-on-Sea)
      • More information here: cooperation partners
    • Further information about the Praxissemester abroad is available here:
      https://www.uni-muenster.de/Lehrerbildung/praxisphasen/praxissemester2019/lernorte/lernortauslandsschule/index.html [de]

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Types of stay

Mandatory or voluntary? School or university? - Find out more about the different types of stays abroad.

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Cooperation partners

At which school (or university) would you like to spend your stay abroad? Get to know our cooperation partners here.

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Financing, proof of language skills, where to stay: Anyone who wants to go abroad has many questions. Here are a few suggestions.

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Have you decided to go abroad and would like to apply? Then you will find all application deadlines and information on the application process here.

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Apart from our regular offer of internships abroad, we also regularly offer exciting events with an international flair. A virtual exchange with Japan as well as a series of regular digital lunch talks are currently on offer. Have a look and feel invited to take part in our events!