The Department’s Job-portal

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Information about Job-portal

Finding a career in communication: in the Department’s Job-portal, companies, organizations, and institutions advertise their openings (for interns, trainees, or freelancers) and offer qualified applicants interesting opportunities in journalism, public relations, and market and opinion research, among others. The online databank of internships and job openings is free and accessible to all students of communication. Whether searching for internships during the semester break, career experience while studying, full-time employment, or freelance jobs—the Job-portal especially helps students of communication to find the right career opportunities, as well as companies to advertise their job openings.

Via the UNIKAP.MS portal, you can reach students and graduates of the Institute of Communication Science in a highly target group-specific and tailor-made manner when you have trainee positions, traineeships and other vacancies to fill.

  • Job seekers

    Current offerings can be sorted either according to the type of position (internship, traineeship, job openings) or key words. When the application deadline ends, all job descriptions are automatically stored in the offering-archive (Angebotsarchiv), which serves, for instance, as a business directory for future inquiries about job openings.

  • Providers

    Does your company, organization, or institution have an opening for interns, trainees, or employees? Then upload the job description directly onto the online form—PDF and logo can also be uploaded for your convenience. The Job-portal publishes entries as quickly as possible and is readily available to answer any of your questions per e-mail.