Secretariat and Main Office

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Main Office and Secretariat

In the Main Office (room 209) Karsten Höwelhans coordinates and manages all administrative duties at the Department of Communication. General inquiries can also be made here. Dagmar Schierenberg (room 228) handles all student affairs; please see Dagmar Schierenberg if you need proof that you attended and/or took part in a course (Teilnahmebescheinigung/Seminarzeugnis); have questions about QISPOS; want to borrow a laptop or projector for coursework in the Department of Communication; need to reserve a room, or have general questions. Keep in mind: technical equipment can only be borrowed by students of communication. 

Students can pick up their proof of attendance and/or participation in a course (Teilnahmebescheinigung/Seminarzeugnis) during office hours (Monday to Thursday, 8-12) in the Secretariat at the Department of Communication (please visit Dagmar Schierenberg, room 228).

Borrowing Media

To reserve technical equipment, please contact Dagmar Schierenberg (Tel. 83-24261). Please remember to return the equipment in its entirety (including cables, etc.) after using.

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