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Chair of Journalism Studies

About us/Mission statement

The chair of journalism studies, headed by Prof. Bernd Blöbaum, focusses on the emergence and effects of public communication both in its research and in its teaching. The empirical research specifically deals with the areas of journalism, trust and the media as well as science communication and the reception of current media. Within these areas, theoretical and empirical perspectives are conjoined in order to capture and explain media and social changes and their impact on processes of media emergence and media effects. Through theory-based research, the goal is to contribute to the understanding of media changes and their implications for society. Empirically, insights are gained both through qualitative (intensive interviews, group discussions etc.) and quantitative (standardized (online-) surveys, content analyses, observations etc.) research.

(1) Journalism research

This area deals with the social function and performance of journalism both theoretically and empirically. Research focusses on actors, organizations, journalistic programs and products as well as the relationship both between journalism and sources and between journalism and the audience.

(2) Trust and the media

In this area, trust processes and trust actions in the context of media are of central interest and are examined against the background of digital changes. Journalistic and media actors are analyzed both as trustors and trustees. This area deals with the audience’s trust in journalism, with trust in social fields such as politics, sports and the economy through journalism and with trust relationships within journalism.

(3) Science communication

This area deals with public communication about scientific research and with the medialization of science. Besides science-related media content, the interconnected relationship between science, the media and politics is analyzed as well. Science journalists are another important object of research in this area.

(4) Reception of media

Who uses which media and which media content for which purpose? In this area, research is conducted on the use and evaluation of social and traditional media. For example, the audience of the Berlin tageszeitung (taz) has been analyzed systematically in the context of a longitudinal analysis since the mid-1990s in this research area.

  • Staff

    Blöbaum, Bernd, Prof. Dr. +49 251 83-23004 E-Mail
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    Engelke, Katherine M., Dr. +49 251 83-24655 E-Mail
    Badura, Laura, M.A. +49 251 83-24655 E-Mail
    Uth, Bernadette, M.A. +49 251 83-23682 E-Mail
    Mollen, Anne, M.A. +49 251 83-21688 E-Mail
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    Dr. Sophie Bonk
    Dr. Sarah Fischer
    Prof. Dr. Alexander Görke
    Valerie Hase, M.A., M.Sc
    Dr. Daniel Nölleke
    Marco Rustemeyer, M.A.
    Malte G. Schmidt, M.A.
    Dr. Stephan Völlmicke
    Anna-Maria Volpers, M.A.
    Dr. Christian Wiencierz, Dr. 
    Dr. Kristina Wied
    Florian Wintterlin, M.A.

  • Projects

    DFG Research Training Group "Trust and Communication in a Digitized World“ (04/2012-03/2021)

    Speaker: Prof. Bernd Blöbaum
    The research training group, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) examines how trust can be developed and maintained under the conditions of new forms of communication. Digitized means of communication change the structure and sustainability of trust because firstly, familiar face-to-face communication is replaced by digitized interactions, secondly, virtual social and office networks emerge and finally, because new forms of relationships between the public, organizations and individuals develop. Based on results from the first funding phase (April 2012 – September 2016), the PhD students are now examining opportunities and risks the internet poses for the development of trust in the second funding phase (since October 2016). The postgraduate program analyses the consequences of these processes for the establishment of trust relationships by the example of four prototypical areas: media, economy, science and sports. In order to examine the concepts of trust and communication in the overlapping research areas and dimensions, scholars from the field of communication studies, economics, information systems, psychology and sports science will cooperate within the framework of the interdisciplinary research program.

    Mediatization of organizations: A comparison of the intensity and quality of adaptations to the logic of public attention (10/2016-09/2019)

    Director: Dr. Andreas Scheu
    Mediatization describes processes of adaptation of actors from different social fields to the functional logics of mass media. In the best case, such adaptations help to pursue one’s own goals, in the worst case mediatization leads to a loss of autonomy, shifts of power and a loss of functionality – with potentially negative effects on society. The project compares the mediatization of organizations from the fields of health, justice, politics and science. The aim is to elaborate on and explain differences considering the intensity and quality of mediatization. Thereby, it becomes possible to infer factors that influence mediatization and to identify chances and risks, functional and dysfunctional aspects of mediatization.

    The audience of the tageszeitung (taz) (since 1993)

    Director: Prof. Bernd Blöbaum
    Since 1993, readers have been regularly questioned on their use and evaluation of the tageszeitung (taz). So far, analyses from the years 1993 to 2017 provide a comprehensive picture of the readers and their special relationship to the project tageszeitung. Since 2010, studies have also been conducted on the use and evaluation of the online presence taz.de. In 2014, the readers of zeo² and the members of the taz-cooperative were questioned as well. In 2017, the recipients of the weekend edition as well as readers who participate in the voluntary payment model for online content (taz.zahl ich) were analyzed in depth.

  • Latest Publications

  • Talks

    • Badura, Laura; Uth, Bernadette (): ‘Media literacy and trust in the media. Theoretical assumptions and implications from qualitative studies.’ 8th European Communication Conference, Braga, Portugal, .
    • Uth, Bernadette; Badura, Laura; Blöbaum, Bernd (): ‘High quality, high transparency, high trust? A representative survey on perceptions underlying media trust’. 8th European Communication Conference, Braga, Portugal, .
    • Badura, Laura (): ‘Whose Side Are They On? Representing the People in Journalism’. Postconference zum Thema "International Cultures of Journalism" im Rahmen der 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference, Sydney, Australia, .
    • Uth, Bernadette; Badura, Laura; Blöbaum, Bernd (): ‘Perceptions of Trustworthiness and Risk: How Transparency can Influence Trust in Journalism ’. The 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, .
    • Badura, Laura; Uth, Bernadette; Blöbaum, Bernd (): ‘Established Media and Skeptical Recipients. The Consequences of Distrust in Journalism and the Motivation for Alternative Media Engagement’. Preconference zum Thema "From the rise of alternative media to the (dis)engagement of MSM: making sense of the new political news environment and its audiences" im Rahmen der 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, .

    • Uth, Bernadette; Badura, Laura; Blöbaum, Blöbaum; Engelke, Katherine M. (): „Institutionalised Interdisciplinarity: Chances and Challenges for the readjustment of journalism studies“. Jahrestagung der DGPuK-Fachgruppe Journalistik/Journalismusforschung zum Thema "Neujustierung der Journalistik/Journalismusforschung in der digitalen Gesellschaft. Journalismus und Wissenschaft im Wandel", Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, .
    • Hase, Valerie; Kieslich, Kimon; Engelke, Katherine M. (): ‘The Things We Fear – Using Automated Content Analysis to Uncover How UK and US Media Construct Fear over Time (1990-2017)’. ICA Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., USA, .
    • Uth, Bernadette; Blöbaum, Bernd (): ‘Inaccurate and Biased? A Representative Study of how Germans Perceive and Trust their Media’. The 69th Annual International Communication Association Conference: Communication Beyond Boundaries, Washington D.C., .
    • Engelke, Katherine M. (): ‘Literature Review on Participatory Journalism’. ICA Pre-Conference “Engaged Journalism: Bridging Research and Practice”, Washington, D.C., USA, .
    • Uth, Bernadette (): ‘Building trust in journalism – how newsrooms attempt to preserve and increase trust in a digital age’. 2019 ICA Journalism Studies Graduate Student Colloquium. ICA 2019, Washington, DC, 23.05.2019, Washington, DC, .
    • Uth, Bernadette (): „Digital Democracy? Deliberation in user comments“. DGPuK Jahrestagung 2019: "Integration durch Kommunikation in digitalisierten Öffentlichkeiten", WWU Münster, .
    • Hase, Valerie; Engelke, Katherine M.; Kieslich, Kimon (): „Angst vor Terror, Klimawandel & Arbeitslosigkeit? Eine automatisierte Inhaltsanalyse von Themen und Trends im Kontext von Angst in den Medien [Fear of Terror, Climate Change and Unemployment? An Automated Content Analysis of Topics and Trends in the Context of Fear in the Media]“. DGPuK Jahrestagung, Münster, Deutschland, .
    • Badura, Laura; Uth, Bernadette (): „Zur Relationalität von Vertrauen und Risiko. Modellierung eines Prozesses für die Journalismusforschung [The Relation Between Trust and Risk. Modeling a Process for Journalism Studies.]“. Preconference zum Thema "Kommunikationswissenschaftliche Vertrauensforschung in einer digitalisierten Welt – Positionen und Perspektiven" im Rahmen der 64. Jahrestagung der DGPuK, Münster, Deutschland, .
    • Badura, Laura; Engelke, Katherine M.; Hase, Valerie (): ‘Incomplete, Erroneous, and Distorted Information? The Metajournalistic Discourse About the Risks of News Media Use for Recipients.’ ECREA Journalism Studies Conference, Vienna, Austria, .
    • Uth, Bernadette (): ‘An integrative model of trust in journalism’. ECREA Journalism Studies Conference. "Breaking Binaries: Exploring the Diverse Meanings of Journalism in Contemporary Societies", University of Vienna, .
    • Uth, Bernadette (): ‘Hate Speech and Incivility in German User Comments’. 1st Lisbon Winter School for the Study of Communication: Media and Populism, Catholic University of Lisbon, .

    • Wintterlin, Florian; Hase, Valerie; Engelke, Katherine M. (): ‘Strategies of preserving trust in journalism: Recipients' views on transparency and verification of user-generated content’. ECREA 2018, Lugano, Schweiz, .
    • Badura, Laura; Blöbaum, Bernd (): ‘Diverging truths: Distrust in the media due to the perception of a journalistic establishment.’ 7th European Communication Conference, Lugano, Switzerland, .
    • Engelke, Katherine M.; Wintterlin, Florian; Hase, Valerie; Blöbaum, Bernd (): ‘User comments in journalism: The recipients' view on the potential for deliberative discourse’. ECREA 2018, Lugano, Schweiz, .
    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Wie kann man Vertrauen in Medien messen? Erhebungsprobleme und Forschungsergebnisse.“ Ringvorlesung DFG-Graduiertenkolleg "Vertrauen und Kommunikation in einer digitalisierten Welt", Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, Deutschland, .
    • Quiring, Oliver; Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Wie populistisch ist kirchliche Kommunikation? Wie sich Vertrauen und Misstrauen in Institutionen - und auch zu den Kirchen - erklären lässt. Empirische Einsichten.“ Tagung zum Thema "Die Kirche und der Populismus. Interdisziplinäre Recherchen in Gesellschaft, Religion, Medien und Politik", Schader-Forum, Darmstadt, Deutschland, .
    • Uth, Bernadette (): „“. Forum Lokaljournalismus der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb), Nürnberg, .
    • Blöbaum, Bernd; Mede, Niels; Neppl, Marek (): ‘Trust through science communication. Relevance and change of internal and external scientific communication’. Interdisciplinary Symposium: Current Challenges to Mediatized Science Communication, Rostock, Deutschland, .
    • Badura, Laura; Schmidt, Malte G.; Gessner, Florian (): ‘Trust in Journalistic Content: Exploring the Antecedents of Trust in Journalism on a Micro-Level.’ The 68th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Prague, Czech Republic, .
    • Badura, Laura; Schmidt, Malte G.; Engelke, Katherine M.; Blöbaum, Bernd (): „„Die da oben“ – der Zusammenhang zwischen Medienmisstrauen und der Wahrnehmung eines journalistischen Establishments. ["Those up there" – the Connection between Media Distrust and the Perception of the Journalistic Establishments.]“. 63. Jahrestagung der DGPuK zum Thema "Selbstbestimmung in der digitalen Welt", Mannheim, Deutschland, .

    • Scheu, Andreas M. (): „Mediatisierung/Medialisierung. Entstehung, Entwicklung, Perspektiven, Widersprüche. [Mediatization/Medialization. Emergence, Evolution, Perspecitves, Contradictions.]“. Gastvortrag in der Master-Vorlesung "Advances of Audience- and Media-Effects Research", Universität Hohenheim, Hohenheim, Deutschland, .
    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Misstrauen ist gut - Vertrauen ist besser. Über Wissen und Medienvertrauen in Zeiten von Fake News (-Vorwürfen)“. Best4 - Das Print-Event 2017, Frankfurt, Deutschland, .
    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Woher kommt die Skepsis der Mediennutzer gegenüber der Presse und wie wirkt sie sich auf das Medienvertrauen aus?“ Seminar "Fakenews, alternative Fakten und CO. Wie glaubwürdig sind die Medien?", Essen, Deutschland, .
    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Vertrauen in Journalismus“. CAIS-Forum 2017: Medienangebote stärken - Vertrauen aufbauen, Bochum, Deutschland, .
    • Schwarzenegger Christian, Birkner Thomas, Scheu Andreas (): ‘Collective memory and the construction of our disciplinary identity. The case of critical communication studies.’ ECREA Communication History Section workshop, Eötvös Loránd University/Faculty of Humanities, Budapest, Hungary, .
    • Hase, Valerie; Wintterlin, Florian; Grosser, Katherine M.; Blöbaum, Bernd (): ‘User-generated content in online journalism. Exploring how verifying and visualizing UGC influences journalism’s trustworthiness.’ 67th ICA Annual Conference, San Diego, USA, .
    • Badura, Laura (): ‘The Perception of Journalistic Risk: Exploring the Relationship Between Risk, Trust, and News Journalism from the Recipients’ Point of View.’ The 67th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association: Journalism Studies Graduate Student Colloquium, San Diego, USA, .
    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Zwischen Medienkritik und Lügenpresse. Medien in der Vertrauenskrise? [Between Media Critics and Liar Press. Is the Media stuck in a Crisis of Confidence?]“. Mitgliederversammlung des Pressevereins Münster-Münsterland, Münster, Deutschland, .
    • Schmidt, Malte G. (): „“. Tagung der DGPuK-Fachgruppe Journalistik/Journalismusforschung, Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Würzburg-Schweinfurt, .
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    • Badura, Laura (): ‘The Perception of Journalistic Risk – An Exploratory Study Assessing the Recipients' Perception of Risks Related to News Journalism.’ 6th European Communication Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, .
    • Grosser, Katherine M.; Hase, Valerie; Wintterlin, Florian; Blöbaum, Bernd (): ‘Trustworthy or shady – How does UGC influence journalism’s trustworthiness in a digitized world?’ ECREA 2016, Prag, Tschechien, .
    • Grosser, Katherine M. (): ‘The Media’s Depiction of Trust, Distrust and Trust Problems within the Context of Digitalization.’ Journalism Studies Section PhD-Workshop, ECREA 2016, Prag, Tschechien, .
    • Scheu, Andreas M.; Nölleke, Daniel; Birkner, Thomas (): ‘The other side of mediatization: Shielding as a facet of adaptations to media logic.’ Jahrestagung der ECREA, Prag, Tschechien, .
    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Vertrauen und Misstrauen durch und in Medien. Zur ambivalenten Rolle des Journalismus“. DFG-Kollegtagung 2016, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, Deutschland, .
    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Twitter und Tatort, Krisen und Kampagnen. Die Kirche in den Medien“. DFG-Konferenz "Reformation und Medien. Zu den intermedialen Wirkungen der Reformation", Hamburg, Deutschland, .
    • Scheu, Andreas M. (): ‘Keynote: Linking Mediatization and Critical Theory.’ Critical Mediatization Research. Power, Inequality and Social Change in a Mediatized Age. Conference of the ECREA section “Mediatization” and the Priority Program “Mediatized Worlds” at the University of Bremen, Universität Bremen, Bremen, Deutschland, .
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    • Scheu, Andreas M.; Schedifka, Therese (): „“. Tagung „Die Rolle der Disziplinen: Wissenschaftskommunikation in den Natur-, Geistes-, Sozial-, Lebens- und Technikwissenschaften“ 3. Jahrestagung der Ad-Hoc-Gruppe „Wissenschaftskommunikation“ der DGPuK, Dresden, Deutschland, .
    • Grosser, Katherine M. (): ‘Framing Issues through Distrust and Trust Problems.’ International Workshop: Distrust and Conflict Escalation in Organizations and Societies, Groningen, Niederlande, .

    • Scheu, Andreas M. (): „“. Workshop als Pre-Conference zur Fachgruppentagung „Theorien der Visuellen Kommunikationsforschung“ der FG Visuelle Kommunikation in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft (DGPuK), Erfurt, Deutschland, .
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    • Laukötter, Esther; Stahl, Janne (): ‘’. THE MANAGEMENT GAME OF COMMUNICATION: How PR/Corporate Communication Supports Organizations and What Communicators Can Learn from Management Disciplines, BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norwegen, .
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    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Vertrauen geben und nehmen. Wie Medien durch Misstrauen das Vertrauen des Publikums gewinnen. [Giving and taking trust. How the Media earns the audience's trust through mistrust.]“. Krupp-Kolleg, Krupp-Kolleg, Greifswald, Deutschland, .
    • Grosser, Katherine M. (): „Unternehmenskommunikation in einer digitalisierten Welt - Generierung von Vertrauenswürdigkeit. [Corporate Communication in a Digitalized World - Generating Trustworthiness.]“. Seminar "Industrie 4.0. Die vernetzte Wirtschaft" der Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, Meschede, Deutschland, .
    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Passen der wissenschaftliche Anspruch von Präzision und die mediale Neigung zu Schlagworten und Schwarz-Weiß-Berichten überhaupt zusammen? [Do the scientific standard of precision and the media bias of keywords and black-and-white-reports actually belong together?]“. Vortrag zum Workshop Wissenschaftskommunikation, Münster, Deutschland, .

    • Scheu, Andreas M.; Nölleke, Daniel; Boberg, Svenja; Meiring, Jochen; Zerrer, Nicole (): ‘The point of reference for mediatization processes. What stakeholders perceive as the logic of journalism.’ 5. European Communication Conference der European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), Lissabon, Portugal, .
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    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Visite bei Dr. Google. Ist Surfen die beste Medizin? [Ward Round at Dr. Google. Is surfing the Internet the Best Medicine?]“. Podiumsdiskussion zum dialog an Deck im Wissenschaftsjahr 2014 - Die digitale Gesellschaft, Münster, Münster, Deutschland, .
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    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Grußworte zur DGPuK Tagung „Vertrauen und Journalismus“. [Greeting of the DGPuK Conference "Trust and Journalism".]“. DGPuK Tagung "Journalismus und Vertrauen", Münster, Deutschland, .
    • Grosser, Katherine M. (): „Vertrauen in Online-Journalismus: ein theoretisches Konzept zur empirischen Analyse vom Vertrauensprozess im Journalismus. [Trust in Online Journalism: A Theoretical Concept for the Empirical Analysis of the Trust Process in Journalism.]“. Tagung "Vertrauen und Journalismus" der DGPuK-Fachgruppe Journalistik/Journalismusforschung 2014, Münster, Deutschland, .
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    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Neue Governance der Wissenschaft – Forschung zum Verhältnis von Wissenschaft, Politik und Gesellschaft. [New Governance of Science - Research about the Relation of Science, Politics and Society.]“. Kolloquium am Münchener Centrum für Governance Forschung, Centrum für Governance-Forschung München, München, Deutschland, .
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    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Zustand – Prozess – Wandel: Vertrauen und Kommunikation in einer digitalisierten Welt. [Status - Process - Change: Trust and Communication in a Digitized World.]“. Arbeitstreffen von medien- und kommunikationswissenschaftlichen Forschungsverbünden "Mediale Veränderung erforschen: Zur empirischen Konzeptionalisierung von Medien- und Kommunikationswandel in Forschungsverbünden“, Bremen, Deutschland, .
    • Scheu, Andreas M.; Blöbaum, Bernd; Summ, Annika; Volpers, Anna-Maria (): „“. Konferenz der BMBF-Förderinitiative „Neue Governance der Wissenschaft. Reorganisation – externe Anforderungen – Medialisierung“ im Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB), Berlin, Deutschland, .
    • Blöbaum, Bernd (): „Medien, Fächer und Politik. Wie Medien forschungspolitische Entscheidungen in verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Disziplinen beeinflussen. [Media, Subjects and Politics. How the Media influences Decisions in Research Policy within different scientific disciplines.]“. Konferenz der BMBF-Förderinitiative "Neue Governance der Wissenschaft", Bonn, Deutschland, .
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