Access to Imperia:

Compatible Browsers:

Imperia is accessible via the Internet, which means that no program needs to be installed.
However, it does matter which browser you use: Some browser versions of Internet Explorer as well as Opera may experience operating problems; that is, some important functions are not available.
To avoid problems, you should use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser.

Browser settings:

The first time you start the program, you may be asked if you want to allow the installation of a cookie. Please give your consent, otherwise Imperia's "One-Click-Edit" bar described below will not work.
If your browser's security settings generally exclude cookies, you will need to change that.
If you do not want to allow cookies in general, allow cookies from "" as an exception (Settings, Privacy & Security, Cookies and (other) website data, Manage exceptions or websites that are always allowed to use cookies).

Imperia password:

If you want to use Imperia for the first time, you have to reset your WWU password (central default password) in the IT portal:
The prerequisite is that you have already been assigned a valid user group for Imperia (Imperia role).

One-Click Edit utility:

To make your work with Imperia easier, you should also install the browser add-on "OneClickEdit". To do this, go to User Account and Profile.
Then select the toolbar for your browser on the right hand side under "One-Click-Edit Toolbar" and follow the instructions for installation.
(you may need administrator rights for installation).

Access from outside the university:

1. possibility: terminal server
The easiest way to get to the Imperia system of the WWU from "all parts of the world" is via the terminal server "". Using the remote desktop connection you can dial in to this server from any computer. You are then "inside" the WWU and can, among other things, also access the Imperia development area.
The instructions for the remote desktop can be found on the WWU IT pages.

2nd possibility: VPN connection
If you have successfully established a VPN connection, you are also in the university's network and can thus work with your computer in Imperia.
Instructions and hints for setting up a VPN connection can be found on the WWU IT pages.